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A Dark Star Passes Through It (Beg./Int. Poetry- Weeklong AM) - Leslie Ullman

This line from James Tate’s poem Consumed embodies the sensations of what I call a poem’s “center.” Every poem has a line, or small group or lines which reveal the heart of the poem but should not be confused with theme or content. Rather, this “center” embodies distinctive energy, almost always heightened energy, and one way to identify it is to imagine that when the writer drafted  these particular lines, she could feel the force and trajectory of the finished poem even if many details still needed to be worked out—that the poem from that time forward held mystery and promise for the writer, prompting her to fall in love with it enough to see it through to completion. In this class we will look at “dark star” moments in our own and others’ poems and use them as a way of  appreciating their intentions not only through what the language says, but through the sensations it arouses. The class is open to beginning and intermediate writers, but each participant will be met at his/her level.

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Priscilla Long
Leslie Ullman - photo credit Michele Potter

Leslie Ullman