Tom Scholz (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Bass,
Miscellaneous instruments, Backing Vocals, Producer, Writer,
Engineer, Arranger)-- Born Donald Thomas Scholz in Toledo, Ohio
March 10, 1947. At 6'5" tall, Tom was a standout basketball player
in high school (Ottawa Hills High), and he still plays on a regular
basis. His other hobbies have included remote-controlled airplanes,
and his latest favorite pastime is freestyle ice-skate jumping.
Tom is a vegetarian, and has donated a substantial amount of time
and money to several of the charities he supports; as a result he
has been decorated with such honors as the Mahatma Gandhi Award,
and the National Hospice Organization's "Man Of The Year."
Tom hasn't done much in terms of side projects, but he did co-produce
Sammy Hagar's 1980 album _Danger Zone_, and he recently acted as
sound engineer for Bob Cedro's local band, Egypt. Tom was divorced
from his wife Cindy in 199?, and he has one child, a son.

Bradley E. Delp (Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic 12-string
Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards [Live])-- Before Brad joined BOSTON
he was working in a manufacturing plant (making heating coils for
Mr. Coffee machines) while singing in various Boston-area clubs at
night. After Barry Goudreau brought Brad to the attention of Tom
Scholz, Brad began singing on Tom's demo tapes... While BOSTON was
on hiatus in the early '80s, Brad found the time to sing on Barry
Goudreau's 1980 solo album, the _Orion The Hunter_ album (which he
also contributed writing to), the "Nelson Person" E.P., and a track
on Keith Emerson's _"Best Revenge" Soundtrack_. Brad also recorded
a demo tape in the 1980s, which included a version of "The Great
Pretender" in addition to songs titled "Micki" and "Destiny." Brad
quit BOSTON around 1989/90 and formed RTZ with Barry Goudreau, but he
returned to BOSTON in late 1994. Brad spent much of his spare time
from 1994-1998 playing in a Beatles tribute group called BeatleJuice.
He also contributed backing vocals to Peter Wolf's 1996 album
_Long Line_ (which also features several former members of RTZ), and
contributed the song "Hold On" to the soundtrack of a low-budget film
titled "The Runaways." Brad has a daughter, and a son named John
Michael, and his ex-wife (Micki) is Barry Goudreau's sister-in-law.
His birthdate is June 12, 1951.

Barry Goudreau (Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion,
Backing Vocals [Live])-- First began playing with Tom Scholz around
1970, when Tom joined Barry's post-high school band. Barry played
with various members of BOSTON in the early '70s while attending
Boston University (his major was Geology), but he dropped out of
school to join BOSTON. Barry left the group shortly after releasing
a solo album in 1980. His solo projects include _Barry Goudreau_
(1980), _Orion The Hunter_ (1984) and RTZ's _Return To Zero_ (1991).
Barry's latest project is an album with Boston-area singer Lisa Guyer,
titled _Gypsy Girl_. He also recently landed a small part in a
locally-produced film tentatively titled "Wedding Band" (playing,
of course, a musician). Barry's wife (Connie) is the sister of
Brad Delp's ex-wife, Micki. His birthdate is November 29, 1951.

Fran Sheehan (Bass, Percussion, Backing Vocals [Live])-- Despite
the fact that Fran contributed the least to BOSTON's success, he
actually had arguably the most musical experience prior to joining
the group. He had been playing gigs with his father at age 5, and
he majored in Vocals at the New England Conservatory Of Music.
But Fran dropped out of school to pursue a dream in rock and roll.
Instead, he ended up playing a lot of weddings. However, Fran did
meet up with John "Sib" Hashian, which led to him joining BOSTON.
Tom let Fran go in the early 1980s, and Fran hasn't been a part of
the music scene since. For a time Fran owned a restaurant in
New England, but little else is known. It is known, however, that
Fran sued Tom Scholz, and they settled out of court.
Fran's birthdate is March 26th, 1949.

John "Sib" Hashian (Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals [Live])-- Sib
had been playing drums since elementary school, though he had no
formal training... He played in various bands with Fran Sheehan, and
later met Tom Scholz through Fran. Sib played on Barry Goudreau's
1980 solo album, and also particpated in early sessions for _Third
Stage_ (before being replaced by Jim Masdea). Sib later sued Tom,
and they settled out of court. Sib has owned/operated a record store
in Danvers, Massachusetts (called "Soundwaves), and at one point he
owned a chain of tanning salons throughout the Boston area; his
current business endeavor is a small music store Sommerville, Mass.,
called "Holland Street Music." Sib's birthdate is August 17, 1949.

Jim Masdea (Drums, Percussion, Keyboards [Live])-- Jim was Tom's
original drummer, dating back to 1969/70; in fact, the first-ever
BOSTON recordings were made in Jim's basement. He played drums on
all the BOSTON demos through 1975, but he was replaced by Sib
Hashian in late 1975. He returned in the early 1980's, playing on
much of _Third Stage_ and playing drums and percussion on the 1987
tour. Masdea later sued Scholz, and the two parties settled out of
court. Jim's other occupations have included baker and pleasure
boat captain, and he operated a ship in Jamaica for several months
in the early 1980s.

Fran Cosmo (Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar [Live])-- Fran has
been associated with several different members of BOSTON since the
late 1970s. In 1980, when guitarist Barry Goudreau recorded a solo
album, Cosmo contributed lead vocals to three songs. Cosmo and
Goudreau hooked up again in 1983, forming Orion The Hunter.
Cosmo was contacted by Tom Scholz c. 1991/92 to see if he was
interested in possibly singing on the next BOSTON album, which
evolved into full-fledged membership in the band BOSTON. Cosmo
sang most of the Lead Vocals on "Walk On" and some backing vocals
as well, and he sang co-lead vocals on the new song "Higher Power."
Fran's given name is Francis Cosmo Migliaccio, and his birthday is
September 3. Fran has a background in boxing, though he never
pursued the sport professionally.

Gary Pihl (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion, Backing
Vocals [Live], Keyboards [Live])-- Gary was Sammy Hagar's guitarist
for most of Sammy's solo career. He's on just about every Hagar
album released between 1977 and 1985, and it was during the two
years of touring Hagar did with BOSTON (1977-79) when Pihl became
acquainted with Tom Scholz. Gary guested on BOSTON's _Third Stage_
(adding some lead guitar to "I Think I Like It") and agreed to join
the band full time for the 1987 tour. He's been with BOSTON ever
since, playing on _Walk On_ and also assisting with Producing,
Engineering and Arranging. Gary was the Vice President of Scholz
Research & Development, and represented SR&D at various music
equipment conventions, and also helped design Scholz's new basement
studio-- "Hideaway Studio II." Gary recently recorded an album with
a side group called Alliance (featuring his ex-Hagar bandmates David
Lauser on drums and Alan "Fitz" Gerald on keyboards, plus
singer/bassist Robert Berry), and he also appeared in the recent
"Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash '95" home video, which features Van Halen's
Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony, along with Lauser. Gary also
wrote the song "Hold On," which Brad Delp sang for the low-budget
film "The Runaways." Gary's musical career started out with a band
called Day Blindness, which released a self-titled album in 1969.
He graduated from Santa Rosa High School in Santa Rosa, CA, and
played in a local band called Crossfire from 1970 to 1974. Gary
is 6'3", slightly shorter than Tom at 6'5". His birthday is Nov. 21.

David Sikes (Bass, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals)-- David Sikes' first
known credits date back to his early 1980s work with Aldo Nova.
He played bass on Nova's 1981 debut, _Fantasy_ and 1983's
_Subject.....Aldo Nova_, and he also reportedly toured with Nova.
He also recorded theme music for various television programs, most
notably for CBS Sports. In late 1985 he joined the group Giuffria
(featuring ex-Angel keyboardist Gregg Giuffria), contributing Bass &
Backing Vocals to _Silk + Steel_. That album peaked at #60, while
single "I Must Be Dreaming" hit #52. After Giuffria broke up Sikes
got a call to audition for BOSTON's 1987 tour, and he's been with
the band ever since. For the fourth BOSTON album, David played Bass
and made a significant contribution to Vocals as well. He also
assisted with Producing, Engineering and Arranging, and received
Co-Writing credits for 5 songs. The new BOSTON song "Tell Me"
features David's recorded debut on lead vocals, and he also co-wrote
BOSTON's other new original tune, "Higher Power." As far as side
projects go, David guested on the 1990 album _An Axe To Grind_
(by Tamplin And Friends), and he also recorded an album with Curly
Smith in 1997, titled _Innocent_. Although some music encyclopedias
credit him as "C. David Sikes," the BOSTON Office reports his full
name to be David Arthur Sikes. Sikes has also represented SR&D at
various conventions. He is married with two children, including a
child born in late 1995. His birthday is April 25.

Doug Huffman (Drums, Backing Vocals [Live], Keyboards [Live])--
Not much biographical information is known-- he was hired for the
1987 tour, and he also played on the brief 1988 tour. He may have
done some session work. Tom Scholz allegedly fired Huffman in
late 1994 when he heard that Huffman had been playing demo tapes
of _Walk On_ to friends. He is reportedly from Arkansas.
His birthday is November 23.

Curly Smith (Drums, Blues Harp, Backing Vocals [Live], Keyboards
[Live])-- William "Curly" Smith is a music industry veteran, dating
back to the early 1970s. He was in a band called Jo Jo Gunne from
1972 to 1974 (they were a spin-off of Spirit, and had a Top-40 hit
entitled "Run Run Run"), and he's sessioned for such diverse artists
as Jeff Beck (1985), The Monkees (1991), Belinda Carlisle (1988), and
John Waite (including "Missing You"), among many others. He also
joined a re-formed version of Spirit in the 1980s. He also has the
distinction of being one of the few drummers who actually played
*for* The Who's Keith Moon-- he played on Moon's 1975 album
_Two Sides Of The Moon_. Tom Scholz hired him in late 1994 to
replace Doug Huffman, and in addition to playing drums and harmonica
on the 1995 and 1997 tours, he also played the harmonica solo on the
studio version of "Higher Power." Curly got married in April 1996,
and his birthdate is January 31, 1952.

--- END ---

1998 Scott Swanson

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