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Q. When is the new BOSTON album coming out? And who is singing
on the new songs?
A. Tom Scholz has reportedly started work on a fifth studio album,
but it's anyone guess when it will be released. The latest album,
titled _Greatest Hits_, was released June 3, 1997 on Epic Records.
It is a 16-song career retrospective containing three new songs--
"Tell Me" (featuring lead vocals by David Sikes), "Higher Power"
(featuring lead vocals by Fran Cosmo and Brad Delp), and an
instrumental version of "The Star Spangled Banner."
The album also contains a second version of "Higher Power" which
was edited by Sony's John Kalodner.

Q. When is BOSTON going to tour again?
A. The 1997 summer tour kicked off July 1st in Evansville, Indiana,
and concluded with a September 6 concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The band has made no announcements regarding future touring plans.

Q. Why was the _Greatest Hits_ album released on Epic Records?
Didn't Tom Scholz have a giant legal battle with Epic in the 1980s?
A. Tom's legal battle was with Epic's parent company, CBS, but Epic
is now owned by Sony. Many of the executives who worked for CBS
and/or Epic in the 1980s are no longer with the label.

Q. Why did MCA Records and BOSTON part ways? Did BOSTON have
a multi-album contract with them?
A. Tom signed consecutive one-album deals with MCA. MCA was
allegedly unhappy with _Walk On_, and Tom was apparently not
happy with MCA's reluctance to promote it. So the two parties
decided to part ways.

Q. Why was the 1996 tour cancelled?
A. In June 1996 Tom seriously injured his left hand (tearing some
ligaments) during a pickup basketball game. The 1996 tour was
subsequently cancelled.

Q. What happened to SR & D?
A. SR & D (Scholz Research & Development) officially shut down on
December 31, 1995. The Rockman product line had been sold to
Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc., in February 1995. Tom had another
company, called Hybrid Design, but it too has been disbanded.

Q. Why didn't Brad Delp sing on the _Walk On_ album?
A. Brad declined Tom's invitation to sing on BOSTON's fourth
album, but there has been no official explanation why. Brad did
form a new band with Barry Goudreau (called RTZ) while _Walk On_
was being recorded, but RTZ was apparently not the primary factor
in Brad's decision to leave BOSTON. Brad re-joined BOSTON in late

Q. If Brad didn't sing on the _Walk On_ album, why is he credited
with co-writing the song "Walk On"?
A. The song "Walk On" traces its origins to the late 1970s with
a song Brad wrote called "Rockin' On." Tom combined it with
another song and changed the title to "Rock On." And since
parts of "Walk On" were based on "Rock On," Brad received a
co-writing credit for it.

Q. Who is Fran Cosmo, and how did he end up as BOSTON's new singer?
A. In 1980 Fran wrote and sang a few songs on Barry Goudreau's
solo album, and then in 1983 he teamed with Barry again, in
Orion The Hunter. When Brad Delp quit BOSTON c. 1989/90, Tom Scholz
searched for a replacement, and one of the singers contacted by
Scholz was Fran Cosmo. What started out as a chance to sing a
little on BOSTON's fourth album turned into a permanent job as the
band's lead singer.

Q. What is Orion The Hunter?
A. Orion The Hunter was the name of a band featuring Barry Goudreau
and Fran Cosmo, along with former Heart drummer Michael De Rosier
and bassist Bruce Smith. They formed in 1983 and broke up shortly
after supporting Aerosmith on a 1984 tour. Brad Delp contributed
backing vocals to three songs on their self-titled album, and he
also co-wrote five of the album's nine songs. It's rumored that
Brad Delp and Sib Hashian were going to play on the album, but
their commitments to BOSTON prevented them from doing so.
Incidentally, the original name of the band was just "Orion," but
Orion Pictures threatened a lawsuit and Barry was forced to alter
the name.

Q. What is RTZ?
A. RTZ (which stands for Return To Zero) was a band formed by Brad
Delp and Barry Goudreau around 1989/90. The other members included
Brian Maes (keyboards, harmonica), Tim Archibald (bass) and David
Stefanelli (drums). They were managed by Paul Ahern, the former
manager for BOSTON and Tom Scholz. RTZ released one album, titled
_Return To Zero_, in 1991, and the group also toured to support it.
RTZ split up in 1994, with the three non-BOSTON members joining
Peter Wolf's band. Brian Maes has released two solo albums (_13_
and _The Seed_), which featured contributions from Stefanelli and
Archibald. He also recorded a solo version of RTZ's "Until Your
Love Comes Back Around," which was included on _The Seed_.

In 1998 it was announced that a second RTZ album would be released.
Tentatively titled _The Lost_, it will reportedly contain mostly
previously-written material. It is slated to be released in August
1998 on the Swedish-based MTM label.

Q. How did they choose the name "RTZ"?
A. It comes from the name of a button on Barry's tape deck-- the
"RTZ" button returns the tape's counter to zero, and Barry & Brad
thought it would be a very appropriate name for the band, so they
went with it.

Q. What is BeatleJuice?
A. BeatleJuice is a Bealtes tribute band fronted by Brad Delp.
The other members include Bob Simon (lead guitar), Joe Holaday
(bass), Steve Baker (keyboards, rhythm guitar, harmonica) and
drummer John "Muzz" Muzzy. Baker had played piano on the _Orion
The Hunter_ album, and Muzz was in Farrenheit, the band that opened
for BOSTON on the 1987 tour. For more information on BeatleJuice
(including a list of tourdates) you can visit the Muzz/BeatleJuice
homepage at http://www.tiac.net/users/aethan/muzz.htm.

Q. What are Alliance and Innocent?
A. They are two studio projects featuring current members of BOSTON.
The Alliance band featured Gary Pihl on guitar; they released an
album in Japan in 1996, titled "Bond Of Union." (The album was
later released in Europe under the title "Alliance").
Innocent featured David Sikes and Curly Smith; their self-titled
album was released in Europe in late 1997.

Q. How can I get copies of these BOSTON-related albums?
A. The "Barry Goudreau" and "Orion The Hunter" CDs were released by
Razor & Tie Records, so if you can't find a copy at your friendly
neighborhood music store, you can order them directly from R&T by
calling 1-800-443-3555. The RTZ album is currently out of print,
so your best bet is to try a used record store.

The Alliance and Innocent albums are not available in the U.S.,
but they are available as imports. They can be ordered from
various online music stores, including Impulse Music
(http://www.impulsemusic.com), German Music Express
(http://www.musicexpress.com) and CD Europe (http://www.cdeurope.com).

Also, for those of you interested in purchasing the new Lisa Guyer
CD (which features Barry Goudreau on guitar & bass), you can order
it directly from OMG Records by sending $11.99 to:

P.O. Box 589
Marblehead, MA 01945

Be sure to ask for "Gypsy Girl" by Lisa Guyer.

Q. What albums have BOSTON released?
A. Here's a summary:

***** BOSTON **************************************** Epic, 1976 *****

1. More Than A Feeling 5. Smokin'
2. Peace Of Mind 6. Hitch A Ride
3. Foreplay/Long Time 7. Something About You
4. Rock & Roll Band 8. Let Me Take You Home Tonight

Produced by John Boylan and Tom Scholz
All songs written by Tom Scholz, except #5 (Scholz/Delp) and #8 (Delp)
Charted at #3 in the U.S. and #11 in the U.K.

***** DON'T LOOK BACK ******************************* Epic, 1978 *****

1. Don't Look Back 6. Party
2. The Journey 7. Used To Bad News
3. It's Easy 8. Don't Be Afraid
4. A Man I'll Never Be
5. Feelin' Satisfied

Produced by Tom Scholz
All songs written by Tom Scholz, except #6 (Scholz/Delp) and #7 (Delp)
Charted at #1 in the U.S. and #9 in the U.K.

***** THIRD STAGE ************************************ MCA, 1986 *****

1. Amanda 6. A New World
2. We're Ready 7. To Be A Man
3. The Launch 8. I Think I Like It
A) Countdown 9. Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me)/
B) Ignition 10. Still In Love
C) Third Stage Separation 11. Hollyann
4. Cool The Engines
5. My Destination

Produced by Tom Scholz
All songs written by Tom Scholz, except #4 (Scholz/Sheehan/Delp),
#6 (Masdea), #8 (Scholz/John English), #9 (Jerry Green/Scholz/Delp)
and #10 (Scholz/Delp)
Charted at #1 in the U.S. and #37 in the U.K.

***** WALK ON **************************************** MCA, 1994 *****

1. I Need Your Love 8. What's Your Name
2. Surrender To Me 9. Magdalene
3. Livin' For You 10. We Can Make It
4. Walkin' At Night
5. Walk On
6. Get Organ-ized
7. Walk On (Some More)

Produced by Tom Scholz
All songs written by Tom Scholz, except #1 (Scholz/Fred Sampson),
#2 (Sikes/Scholz/Joe & Bobby Laquidara), #5 & #7 (Scholz/Sikes/Delp),
#9 (Scholz/Galen Toye Foulke/Sikes) and #10 (Sikes/Bob Cedro/Scholz)
Charted at #5 in the U.S.

***** GREATEST HITS ********************************* Epic, 1997 *****

1. *Tell Me 9. Party
2. *Higher Power (5:07) 10. Foreplay/Long Time
3. More Than A Feeling 11. Amanda
4. Peace Of Mind 12. Rock & Roll Band
5. Don't Look Back 13. Smokin'
6. Cool The Engines 14. A Man I'll Never Be
7. Livin' For You 15. *The Star Spangled Banner/
8. Feelin' Satisfied *4th Of July Reprise
16. *Higher Power [Kalodner Edit] (3:53)

* New songs. "Tell Me" written by Tom Scholz; "Higher Power" written
by Scholz/Sikes; "Star Spangled Banner" written by Francis Scott Key
and J.S. Smith; "4th Of July Reprise" written by Tom Scholz



The first four albums were available as vinyl picture disks, with
_Don't Look Back_ and _Third Stage_ being the rarest. The _Walk On_
pic disk was pressed only in Europe.

The first three albums were all issued as Gold Discs, with vastly
improved sound quality. The first two LPs were remastered by Sony,
while _Third Stage_ was issued by the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
(with some input and assistance from Tom Scholz).

_Boston_ and _Don't Look Back_ were also available in the "Half
Speed Limited Edition" format, which are albums pressed at a
slower speed to ensure higher quality. And in early 1996 MFSL
re-issued a vinyl edition of _Boston_. However, the MFSL edition
of _Boston_ has since been discontinued.

The first two albums were also available on 8-track and are
currently available in the Mini-Disc format. Finally, _Boston_ and
_Don't Look Back_ were issued on a single cassette tape in 1981.


Q. What singles have BOSTON released?
A. Here's a summary:

More Than A Feeling [3:25]/ Smokin' 1976 5 22?
Long Time [3:03]/ Let Me Take You Home Tonight 1977 22
Peace Of Mind [3:38]/ Foreplay [2:25] 1977 38
Don't Look Back/ The Journey 1978 4 43
A Man I'll Never Be [3:49]/ Don't Be Afraid 1978 31
Feelin' Satisfied [3:30]/ Used To Bad News 1979 46
Amanda/ My Destination 1986 1
We're Ready/ The Launch 1986 9
Can'tcha Say [3:58]/ Cool The Engines 1987 20
Hollyann [4:22]/ To Be A Man 1987 --
I Need Your Love [4:05]/ We Can Make It 1994 56
[cassette and 7" vinyl]
What's Your Name/ Walk On (Long Walk) 1994 --
[cassette and 7" vinyl]
Livin' For You/ Surrender To Me 1994 --

More Than A Feeling [3:25]/ Long Time [3:03] Re-issue
Peace Of Mind [3:38]/ Don't Look Back Re-issue
Feelin' Satisfied/ Peace Of Mind Re-issue


Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me)/Still In Love; 1986
The Launch; Cool The Engines; Can'tcha Say [4:11]
I Need Your Love [4:05]; We Can Make It; The Launch 1994 (Europe only)
?Livin' For You [3? tracks] 1994 (Europe only)

Q. What other BOSTON-related albums have been released?
A. Here's a summary:

***** STREET MACHINE (Sammy Hagar) *************** Capitol, 1979 *****

Includes: "Falling In Love"
(featuring backing vocals by Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau & Sib Hashian)

Also features Gary Pihl on guitar
Charted at #71 in the U.S. and #38 in the U.K.
Re-issued in the U.K. by Beat Goes On Records, 1992 (BGOCD 150)
Re-issued in the U.S. by One Way Records, March 1996 (19092)

***** DANGER ZONE (Sammy Hagar) ****************** Capitol, 1980 *****

1. Love Or Money 6. The Iceman
2. 20th Century Man 7. Bad Reputation
3. Miles From Boredom 8. Heartbeat
4. Mommy Says, Daddy Says 9. Run For Your Life*
5. In The Night 10. The Danger Zone
(Entering The Danger Zone)

Produced by Geoff Workman & Sammy Hagar, except *Produced by Tom Scholz
Inspiration, pre-production arrangements, and drums recorded by Tom Scholz
Also features Gary Pihl on guitar and keyboards
Charted at #85 in the U.S. and #25 in the U.K.
Re-issued in the U.K. by Beat Goes On Records, 1995 (BGOCD 281)
Re-issued in the U.S. by One Way Records, February 1996 (19090)

***** BARRY GOUDREAU **************************** Portrait, 1980 *****

1. Hard Luck 5. Leavin' Tonight*
2. Nothin' To Lose* 6. Dreams
3. What's A Fella To Do 7. Life Is What We Make It
4. Mean Woman Blues 8. Sailin' Away
9. Cold Cold World*

Barry Goudreau: Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals
Brad Delp: Lead Vocals (except *); Backing Vocals on "Nothin' To Lose"
Sib Hashian: Drums and Percussion
*Fran Cosmo: Lead Vocals

Produced by Barry Goudreau and John Boylan
All songs written by Delp/Goudreau, except "Sailin' Away" and "Dreams"
(written by Goudreau), and *Written by Fran Cosmo
Charted at #88 in the U.S.
Re-issued on CD by Razor & Tie Records, April 1996 (RE 2104-2)

***** "BEST REVENGE" SOUNDTRACK (by Keith Emerson) * Jimco, 1983 *****

Includes: "Playing For Keeps" (by Brad Delp and Keith Emerson)

Released in Japan only; later re-issued on CD in Japan (Jimco Records)
and Europe (Chord Records)

***** ORION THE HUNTER ************************** Portrait, 1984 *****

1. All Those Years^ 5. Stand Up*
2. So You Ran* 6. Fast Talk+
3. Dreamin'* 7. Too Much In Love^
4. Dark And Stormy* 8. Joanne~
9. I Call It Love^

Fran Cosmo: Lead Vocals; Phased Guitar on "Stand Up"
Barry Goudreau: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Bruce Smith: Bass, Backing Vocals
Michael De Rosier: Drums

Brad Delp: Backing Vocals on "All Those Years," "Stand Up" & "Joanne"
Steve Baker: Piano
John Schuller: Keyboards

Produced by Barry Goudreau; Co-Produced by Lennie Petze
Songwriting credits: ^Goudreau/F. Migliaccio/Delp;
*Goudreau/F. Migliaccio; +Goudreau/F. Migliaccio/Delp/J. Piercy;
~F. Migliaccio/Delp/Smith
Charted at #57 in the U.S.
Re-issued on CD by Razor & Tie Records, June 1995 (RE 2073)

***** "Nevertheless" (by Nelson Person) ******************* 1986 *****

1. Nevertheless 3. The Runaround
2. Take Two 4. Don't Be Late

NOTE: 12" E.P. by Nelson Person, featuring Brad Delp on backing vocals
and co-arrangements

All songs written by Vini Contreas, except "Nevertheless"
by Vini Contreas & Mark Miller

***** RETURN TO ZERO (by RTZ) ********************** Giant, 1991 *****

1. Face The Music* 6. Rain Down On Me
2. There's Another Side 7. Every Door Is Open
3. All You've Got 8. Until Your Love Comes Back Around
4. This Is My Life 9. Livin' For The Rock 'N' Roll
5. Rain Down On Me* 10. Hard Time (In The Big House)
11. Return To Zero

Brad Delp: Lead and Background Vocals
Barry Goudreau: Guitars; Background Vocals*
Brian Maes: Keyboards, Harmonica, Tambourine; Background Vocals*
David Stefanelli: Drums; Background Vocals*
Tim Archibald: Bass

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge
All songs written by Goudreau/Delp, except #1 (Goudreau/Maes),
#5 (Goudreau/Warren/Maes/Stefanelli/Archibald), #8 (Maes)
and #11 (Maes/Goudreau/Delp)
Charted at #169 in the U.S.

***** THE BEST OF SAMMY HAGAR ******************** Capitol, 1992 *****

Includes: "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay"
(featuring backing vocals by Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau & Sib Hashian)

Album also features Gary Pihl on guitar

***** LONG LINE (by Peter Wolf) ****************** Reprise, 1996 *****

Featuring backing vocals by Brad Delp (unspecified tracks)
Album also features Brian Maes, Tim Archibald and David Stefanelli

***** BOND OF UNION (by Alliance) ***** MVP/Zero XRCN-1278, 1996 *****

1. My My My 7. True Meaning Of Love
2. So All Alone 8. Cross That Line
3. Sleepless Nights 9. Turn Around
4. This Is The World 10. Rosie's Cantina
[bonus track] 11. Change
5. Best Of Me 12. Tonight
6. Second Chance

Robert Berry: Lead Vocals, Bass
Gary Pihl: Guitars
Alan Fitzgerald: Keyboards
David Lauser: Drums

Produced by Alliance
Released in Japan only
All songs written by Robert Berry, except #2,5,6,9,12 (Berry/Pihl),
#8 (Fitzgerald/Berry), and #10 (Berry/Pihl/Lauser)

***** ALLIANCE *********************** Escape Music ESM012, 1997 *****

1. True Meaning Of Life 8. The World Is Changin'
2. Sleepless Nights 9. Endless Nights
3. Second Chance 10. You've Changed
4. Turn Around 11. Hurts So Bad
5. Rosie's Cantina 12. Find A Way
6. So All Alone 13. Tell Me Something Good
7. Best Of Me [bonus track]
14. Untitled [bonus track]

NOTE: Released in the U.K. only; this features different mixes from
the songs on _Bond Of Union_

***** MUSICAL CHAIRS (by Sammy Hagar) ****** One Way 19091, 1997 *****

Includes: "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay" as a bonus track
(featuring backing vocals by Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau & Sib Hashian)

NOTE: This is a CD re-issue by One Way Records; the original version
of _Musical Chairs_ does not include "Dock Of The Bay"

***** INNOCENT (by Innocent) ********* Escape Music ESM019, 1997 *****

1. Say It Ain't True* 7. These Are The Words*
2. Pray For The Rain+ 8. Eyes Of A Stranger*
3. Love Is No Stranger* 9. Why Do We Kill+
4. Walk That Walk+ 10. Love Ain't Pretty
5. Hands Of Time (Angie)~ 11. Carry The Torch*
6. Some Kinda Lady* 12. Untitled [bonus track, featuring
Brad Gillis guesting on guitar]
David Sikes: Bass, Vocals
Curly Smith: Drums, Vocals
Jesse Bradman: Vocals, Keyboards
Bob Gilles: Guitar

Produced by Jesse Bradman & David Sikes
Released in the U.K. only
Songwriting credits: *Bradman/Sikes; +Bradman/Sikes/Gilles;
~Bradman/Sikes/J. Marquez/S. Fontano

***** GYPSY GIRL (by Lisa Guyer) ***** Omnipotent SR-11113, 1998 *****

1. Gypsy Girl 6. Vending Machine Repairman
2. Brother Louie 7. House Of Glass
3. Bluer Than You 8. Change Blowin' Your Way
4. Given You Up For Dead 9. Telephone Blues
5. Tears 10. Move On

Lisa Guyer: Vocals
Barry Goudreau: Guitars & Bass
Brian Maes: Piano, Harmonica, Accordian
Gardner Berry: Keyboards
Ned Nugent: Bass
Rick Forzese & Ralph Vertullo: Drums

Tim Archibald & David Stefanelli: Bass & Drums on "Change Blowin' Your

Credited to "The Lisa Guyer Band Featuring Barry Goudreau"
Produced and Engineered by Barry Goudreau
All songs written by Lisa Guyer & Barry Goudreau except:
#2 (Errol Brown/Anthony Wilson); #3 (Guyer/Goudreau/Gardner Berry);
#4 (Goudreau/Brad Delp/Guyer)

Q. What other BOSTON-related singles have been released?
A. Here's a summary:
Dreams/ Sailin' Away [Barry Goudreau] 1980 --
So You Ran/ Fast Talk [Orion The Hunter] 1984 58
Face The Music/ Return To Zero [RTZ] 1991 49
Until Your Love Comes Back Around/ Every Door Is Open [RTZ] 1991 26
All You've Got/ Livin' For The Rock N Roll [RTZ] 1992 56

(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay/ 1979 65
I've Done Everything For You
[by Sammy Hagar, with "The Bos-Tones"--
Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau & Sib Hashian]


Q. Did RTZ release a CD single in Europe titled "In The Name Of Love"?
A. No. That was by a band called "RTZ Belguim," no relation to
the original RTZ.

Q. Which Sammy Hagar songs feature members of BOSTON?
A. The only officially credited song is a cover of Otis Redding's
"(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay," which was originally released
in June of 1979 as a 7" and 12" single. Brad Delp, Barry
Goudreau & Sib Hashian sing backing vocals, and Brad sings along
with Hagar during the third verse.

In addition, Hagar's 1979 _Street Machine_ album also gives credit to
Delp, Goudreau & Hashian. They're obviously singing on "Falling In
Love," but that seems to be their only known contribution to the

Another possibility is the song "I've Done Everything For You,"
which was originally released as the B-side of "Dock Of The Bay."
Gary Pihl (current BOSTON guitarist who was in Hagar's band from
1977-85) was once quoted as stating that the BOSTON members may
have sang on "the flip side of the 'Dock Of The Bay' single."

Also, there is the case of Hagar's 1980 album _Danger Zone_.
Tom Scholz was signed to produce this album, and actually supervised
the recording of drum & bass tracks, plus some early guitar tracks.
But, CBS ordered Tom to abandon the project, claiming that Scholz
couldn't produce any other artists until he produced the third
BOSTON album. So Scholz stepped away from the project. The
official credit on the album says: "Inspiration, pre-production
arrangements, and drums recorded by Tom Scholz." Really, however,
he should have received "Co-Producer" credits. In fact, the 1995
CD re-issue of _Danger Zone_ credits Tom as Producer for one song
("Run For Your Life").


Q. Who is Tommy Funderburk and the other new names (songwriters,
etc.) on the _Walk On_ liner notes?
A. Tommy Funderburk, who did some singing on _Walk On_, is a
professional studio vocalist whom record producers frequently hire
to enhance the vocal sound of an album. He has probably sang on
hundreds (if not thousands) of songs in his career. This is how
sorely missed Brad Delp was.

As far as the other new names...:

Bob Cedro (co-writer & guitar on "We Can Make It"; percussion)-- Bob
worked at SR&D and also toured with BOSTON on the 1987 and 1995
tours (doing behind-the-scenes work). He is currently assisting
Dunlop with the new Rockman product line. Bob also played in a
Boston-area band called Egypt.
Fred Sampson (co-writer, "I Need Your Love")-- Fred also
worked at SR&D, and also attended some shows on the 1987 tour.
Galen Toye Foulke (co-writer, "Magdalene")-- "Rusty" Foulke wrote
the original version of "Magdalene" for the band Hybrid Ice in
the early 1980s. Tom first heard the song c. 1984 and considered
recording it for _Third Stage_, but those plans fell through.
Instead, Tom and David Sikes re-worked it for _Walk On_.
Michael Shotton (Backing Vocals on "I Need Your Love" and "Walk On")--
A vocalist/drummer from Canada who was reportedly considered for
Brad Delp's replacement, he ended up singing only on two songs.
Shotton (credited as "Shotten" in the _Walk On_ liner notes) was
in a band called Von Groove that put out a self-titled album in
1992 (Chrysalis Records). Von Groove released a second album in
1995 (_Rainmaker_) on an independent Canadian label, and another
album (_Mission Man_) in 1997. Shotton also once sang lead vocals
for a Foreigner tribute band called Cold As Ice.

Q. What happened to Doug Huffman?
A. The story (unconfirmed) is that in late 1994 Tom found out that
Huffman had been playing demo tapes of _Walk On_ to friends, so
he (Tom) fired him (Doug).

Q. Liner notes for _Third Stage_ state that "I Think I Like It" is a
"rewrite of a rocker by John English composed over 13 years ago."
Who is John English, and is there another version of "I Think I
Like It"?
A. John English is actually John DeBrigard, who played in some of
the same clubs as Tom in the early 1970s. When writing songs
for _Third Stage_ Tom remembered a song DeBrigard used to play
and used it as the basis for "I Think I Like It." However, Tom
didn't know DeBrigard's real name because he performed under the
guise of "Johnny Tomorrow." But Tom thought that he "looked like
he was English"-- hence, "John English." The original version of
"I Think I Like It" is not believed to have been recorded.

Q. Who is Jerry Green, who co-wrote "Can'tcha Say"?
A. Jerry Green (sometimes credited as "Gerry Green") is a
professional songwriter. His version of "Can'tcha Say" is
different from BOSTON's version, but it is not known if that
original version was ever recorded.

Q. Did Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan and Sib Hashian actually play
on the first two albums, or were they just "hired hands" brought
in to complete the touring lineup?
A. Barry and Sib played a lot on the first two albums, but
(according to the BOSTON Office) Fran didn't play at all on
_Boston_ and contributed very little to _Don't Look Back_.
(However, Fran claims to have made significant contributions to
early _Third Stage_ sessions). Barry played all the lead guitar
parts on "Long Time," "Used To Bad News" and "Let Me Take You
Home Tonight." Tom has also admitted in interviews that Barry
came up with the opening and closing solos on "Don't Look Back,"
and played slide on it as well.

Q. I heard Tom Scholz state on the 1994 World Premiere Radio
Broadcast of _Walk On_ that in 1976, to keep CBS executives off
his back, Tom had members of BOSTON go to Los Angeles (with a
producer hired by CBS) to do some recording, while Tom worked on
the debut album in Boston. Tom said that "We actually did use
one song that they recorded out there." So the questions are:
a. Which song was that?
b. Who was that producer?
c. Does this mean that Tom does not appear on that song?
d. Which members of the band went to L.A.?
A. (a) The song was "Let Me Take You Home Tonight," and (b) the
producer was John Boylan. This song was recorded in the spring
of 1976, most likely at The Record Plant. (c) Tom does appear on
the song; he recorded his parts after the song was brought back
to Boston. (d) The members of the band that went to L.A. were
most likely Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau & Sib Hashian, though some
sources claim that Fran Sheehan was also in attendance.

Q. So what happened to the rest of the songs recorded in L.A.?
Are they the same as the songs released on Barry Goudreau's 1980
album-- after all, that album was co-produced by John Boylan, and
featured the same 3 members from 1976.
A. According to some sources, a few of the songs from _Barry Goudreau_
were written in 1979 for BOSTON's third album, but it has yet to
be confirmed if any of those songs have origins dating back to those
1976 sessions in Los Angeles. One song from the 1976 sessions,
titled "Disco Madness" and reportedly written by Brad Delp (not
Sib Hashian as previously reported), remains unreleased.

Q. Who played bass on the _Barry Goudreau_ album?
A. The 1996 CD re-issue of _Barry Goudreau_ credits Barry for
"Guitars, Bass & Vocals," as does a 1980 press release. However,
when it came time to film the "Dreams" promotional video, Fran Cosmo
was brought in to "play" bass. To add to the confusion, a different
press release credited Cosmo with "Vocals & Bass."

Q. Who sang lead vocals on "Sailin' Away" (on the _Barry Goudreau_ album)?
A. Brad Delp.

Q. In the early 1980s there was a rumor of a "lost BOSTON album"--
allegedly recorded but never released. What's the story behind
A. While there has been no official story to explain this rumor,
it is believed that this "lost BOSTON album" was in fact an early
version of _Third Stage_. (All but two of the songs on that
album were at least partially recorded by 1983). A bootlegged
version of "Amanda" was leaked to some radio stations in 1984,
which only added fuel to the fire. (Note: there is some evidence
that it was actually CBS that issued "Amanda" to radio stations in

Q. Wasn't _Don't Look Back_ originally supposed to be titled _Arrival_?
A. Yes. And Epic went so far as to create some promotional material
advertising a BOSTON album titled _Arrival_. But when the band
realized that Abba had already released an album with that name,
they decided to change the title to _Don't Look Back_.


Q. I have an original 7" vinyl single of "Peace Of Mind" which seems
to have a different vocal mix. What's the deal with that, and
what other BOSTON singles were remixed and/or edited?
A. Yes, the "Peace Of Mind" single, in addition to being edited to
3:38, features an alternate vocal take during at least one verse.
The only other unique-sounding BOSTON songs are:

"Foreplay; Fiveplay; Long Time"-- this song was only available on
the 1976 promotional album _It's A Knockout_. While it's only a
few seconds longer than the album version (hence "Fiveplay"), it
does feature a different vocal take and some alternate lyrics.
"We're Ready"-- on some pressings of _Third Stage_ (including the
Mobile Fidelity gold disc), "We're Ready" has been mixed differently,
with an extra "Come on!" at the 3:04 point.
"Higher Power" [Kalodner Edit]-- This version features an acoustic
intro and some slightly differnet vocals

Also, the following BOSTON songs were edited when released as singles:
More Than A Feeling
Long Time
A Man I'll Never Be
Feelin' Satisfied
Can'tcha Say (You Believe In Me)
I Need Your Love
Walk On (Long Walk)

And the following songs were edited only when issued as promotional singles:
Don't Look Back [7"]
We're Ready [7"]
Walk On (Short Walk) [CD]
Walk On (Longer Walk) [CD]
Surrender To Me (Short Version) [CD]
Surrender To Me (Medium Version) [CD]
What's Your Name [CD]
Livin' For You (Single Edit) [CD]
Livin' For You (Single Edit w/Shortened Instrumental) [CD]
Livin' For You (Single Edit w/No Instrumental) [CD]
Higher Power [CD]-- this is different from the "Kalodner Edit"

In addition, the edited versions of "Long Time," "More Than A Feeling"
and "We're Ready" appear on various Time-Life compilation albums.

Q. Is "Walk On (Long Walk)" different from "Walk On (Longer Walk)"?
A. No. When this particular version of "Walk On" (edited to 7:54)
was released as the B-side of "What's Your Name," it was labelled
as the 'Long Walk.' Yet the same version was issued on a
promotional CD single as the 'Longer Walk.'

Q. What is the song "Get Reorgan-ized"?
A. On the vinyl and cassette pressings of _Walk On_, the "Walk
On Medley" is split in half. "Get Organ-ized" fades out at the
end of Side A, and resumes as "Get Reorgan-ized" at the beginning
of Side B.

Q. Is the song "Rock & Roll Band" autobiographical?
A. No. Tom was inspired by the travails of Jim Masdea, who had
been playing in various bands around Boston in the early 1970s.
He would always tell Tom about how close a certain band was to
signing a recording contract, and Tom used these alleged
close encounters as the basis for "Rock & Roll Band."

Q. What exactly am I hearing during the middle section of
"I Need Your Love"?
A. While some have speculated that this segment features Tom
speaking "subaudible Portuguese narratives" (based on the
_Walk On_ liner notes), at least part of the verse seems to
be spoken in English. It sounds like Tom says:

It's like a dream, like a dream that keeps coming back
This empty feeling won't go away
I want you back with every breath I take


Q. I heard a live BOSTON concert on a recent "King Biscuit Flower
Hour" radio broadcast. What is the story behind this show?
And what are the titles of the unreleased songs?
A. The show was recorded in 1977 at Long Beach Arena in Long
Beach, California. According to the "King Biscuit" people, three
separate concerts were recorded, although other sources state that
only one show was used (possibly the March 19, 1977 show).
"King Biscuit" first broadcast the show in June, 1977, and in
November 1977 it was broadcast again with additional songs.
The show has been broadcast several times since.

The broadcast setlist is: Rock & Roll Band
Shattered Images (aka "Help Me")
More Than A Feeling (including extended ending)
Something About You
Man I'll Never Be
Guitar solo-Blues song*
Peace Of Mind
Foreplay/Long Time
Television Politician

The standard 1990s broadcast omits "Guitar solo-Blues song" and
"Television Politician."

* While this song is often referred to as "This Time" or "Don't
Want To Lose It Now," it apparently was never given a proper title.

Q. Have any other BOSTON concerts been broadcast by radio or TV?
A. Yes. In 1977 an Ohio radio station (WMMS) broadcast the
September 27, 1976 BOSTON concert in Cleveland; and the December,
1976 concert in Philadelphia was also apparently broadcast locally.
It is unknown if anyone from BOSTON authorized these broadcasts.

Cleveland broadcast setlist: Peace Of Mind
Something About You
A Man I'll Never Be
Smokin'-Guitar solo
Foreplay/Long Time
Don't Be Afraid
More Than A Feeling

Philadelphia setlist: Rock & Roll Band
Shattered Images
More Than A Feeling
Peace Of Mind
Smokin'-Guitar solo
Foreplay/Long Time
Television Politician
Don't Be Afraid

Also, in June of 1994 "Walk On" premiered on a radio special.
Tom Scholz was interviewed, and he played an extended live
guitar solo he called "The Hyperspace Pedal Blues."

RTZ did at least two radio concerts: one from Cleveland, Ohio and
another from Baltimore, Maryland. RTZ also once appeared on ABC-TV's
"In Concert" program, performing "Long Time."


Q. Has BOSTON ever performed "I Need Your Love" in concert?
A. Yes. The song was performed at most of the shows on the 1997 tour.
Also, while it was rumored that they rehearsed the song for the 1995
tour, it was never performed live in 1995.

Q. Are there any BOSTON songs that have never been performed live?
A. "It's Easy" was supposedly attempted a few times in 1978, but the
harmonies were too difficult to pull off, which means that only
"We Can Make It" has never been performed live.

Q. Did BOSTON ever make any promotional videos?
A. Yes. Crude videos were filmed for "More Than A Feeling" and
"Long Time" (with the band lip-synching on a sound stage). CBS
also made a 3-song promotional film of BOSTON's 1978 concert at
New York's Nassau Coliseum. This featured live footage of the band
backed by the studio versions of the songs ("Don't Look Back," "A
Man I'll Never Be" and "Party"). No videos were made to promote
_Third Stage_ or _Walk On_. Tom reportedly wanted to produce
videos for _Walk On_, but due to various disagreements between
Tom and the record label, no videos were made.

There were also promo videos for Barry Goudreau's "Dreams," Orion
The Hunter's "So You Ran" and RTZ's "Face The Music" & "Until Your
Love Comes Back Around."

Q. I have a bootleg album called "We Found It In The Trashcan,
Honest!", which appears to be early demos of the songs from the
first BOSTON album. What's the story here?
A. Those are the infamous homemade recordings Tom Scholz made in
his basement c. 1973-1975, which he then shopped around to
various record companies. After securing the contract with CBS,
the songs on the demos were ALL RE-RECORDED. Tom played all
musical instruments except drums (which were played by Jim Masdea)
and Brad Delp sang all vocals.

Song list: Rock N Roll Band
Life Isn't Easy [early version of "Something About You"]
More Than A Feeling
Don't Be Afraid Of Love
Peace Of Mind
San Francisco Day [early version of "Hitch A Ride"]

Incidentally, Tom claims that these tapes were NOT found in a
traschcan; rather, they were stolen from Scholz.

Q. Do any other demos of BOSTON exist?
A. Yes. A tape of pre-1975 demos (c. 1970-1973) surfaced in 1995.
This demo tape was recorded under the band name "Mother's Milk,"
and it includes a studio version of "Shattered Images" and an
unreleased song called "She's A Looker." While Brad Delp also sang
lead vocals on these demos, someone else sang backing vocals.

Song list: Don't Be Afraid Of Love
Shattered Images
San Francisco Day ["Hitch A Ride"]
Shakin' (Mother's Milk Shake) [early version of "Smokin'"]
She's A Looker

Q. Are there any other BOSTON bootleg albums or CDs?
A. While the BOSTON Office does not encourage fans to seek out
bootleg recordings, a few albums and CDs have surfaced:


_We Found It In The Trashcan, Honest!_ 1975 demo tapes
_Boston Alive Long Beach CA. 1978_ King Biscuit Flower Hour
(1977 broadcast, with the Blues
song and "Television Politician")
_The Band From The Platinum Basement_ KBFH (same as _Alive_)
_Space Invasion_ KBFH (w/"Television Politician")
_Journey Through The Past_ [2-LPs] Essen, West Germany 1979
_It's Been Such A Long Time_ [2-LPs] Indianapolis, IN 9/26/87
_Once Upon A Time_ [CD] KBFH
_From Here To Eternity_ [CD] KBFH
_Mary Ann_ [CD] Worcester, MA 8/21/87,
plus two demos from 1975
_Cherry Blossom Tour_ [2-CDs] Tokyo, Japan 4/20/79
_Live USA_ [CD] KBFH
_Live In Concert_ [CD] KBFH
[Available with 2 different covers]
_More Than Third Stage_ [2-CDs] Oakland, CA 7/25/87
_Long Time - Live In USA 1995_ [2-CDs] Jones Beach, NY 6/6/95
_Past Invitation 1977_ [CD] KBFH (w/"Television Politician")
_Mission Aborted_ [CD] Pre-Trashcan demos (except for
"Foreplay"); Trashcan demos;
songs from _Barry Goudreau_ CD
_Foreplay_ [2-CDs] San Diego, CA 7/18/95
_Party To Boston_ [CD] Boston Garden, 11/6/78
_Greatest Hits Live_ [2-CDs] San Diego, CA 8/11/97


Q. Are there any unreleased and/or rare BOSTON songs?
A. Several:

90 Days
This was the original title of what became "More Than A Feeling";
More Than A Feeling
Not the same as the song on the first BOSTON album; this tune
was written by Brad Delp, and Tom Scholz borrowed its title
when re-writing "90 Days"; unreleased
She's A Looker
From the Mother's Milk demo tapes
Shakin' (aka "Mother's Milk Shake")
An early version of "Smokin'," also from the Mother's Milk demos
Shattered Images
A studio version was recorded for the Mother's Milk demos,
and a live version is available on the King Biscuit show
San Francisco Day
An early incarnation of "Hitch A Ride"; versions exist on both
the "Trashcan" and Mother's Milk demos
Life Isn't Easy
An early version of "Something About You"; from the "Trashcan" demos
Disco Madness
Recorded in California in 1976, along with "Let Me Take You Home
Tonight"; unreleased
Foreplay; Fiveplay; Long Time
A slightly different version of "Foreplay/Long Time"; available
on the 1976 promotional album _It's A Knockout_
Blues song
An untitled blues number played live in the early days
(it's also known as "This Time" or "Don't Want To Lose It Now");
a version is available on some copies of the King Biscuit show
Television Politician
Played live on the first tours, and resurrected for the brief 1988
tour; a version is available on some copies of the King Biscuit show
Rockin' On
A song written by Brad Delp in the late '70s, it was later
incorporated by Tom Scholz into the song "Rock On"; unreleased
Rock On
A later incarnation of "Rockin' On," parts of the song were
recycled for "Walk On"; unreleased
It's Been Such A Long Time
This brief interlude has been used on several tours throughout the
years to link various songs; on the 1995 tour, for example, it was
played between "Peace Of Mind" and "Cool The Engines"
Too Long
The BOSTON Office has mentioned this as the title of an
unreleased song, but no other information is known
The Hyperspace Pedal Blues (by Tom Scholz)
A live-in-the-studio guitar solo performed by Tom as part of the
"World Premiere Broadcast Of _Walk On_" radio special
Hey Baby
A blues song played on the 1995 and 1997 tours; it was originally
titled "Merry Christmas Baby" for the December 1994 shows at the
House Of Blues; for the first show of the 1995 tour it was sung as
"Happy Birthday Baby" but from then on it was known as "Hey Baby."
The song has also been referred to as "Blues la Boston."
The version performed on the 1997 tour contains different lyrics
from the previous tour's edition.

Micki (by Brad Delp)
The Great Pretender (by Brad Delp)
Destiny (by Brad Delp)
These three songs were demoed by Brad in the 1980s-- he was backed
by Steve Baker (keyboards) and Muzz (drums) from BeatleJuice;
"The Great Pretender" is a cover, and "Destiny" features lyrics
that were originally written for the BOSTON song "Don't Look Back"
Cosmo Rock (by Orion The Hunter)
Performed live on their 1984 tour; also known as "Back In '65"
Talk To Me (by RTZ)
An unrecorded song performed live on RTZ's 1991-92 tour; a version
is available on the Westwood One broadcast from Cleveland, Ohio


Q. Do any BOSTON music books, TAB books, or instructional videos exist?
A. Yes:

"Boston: The First Two Albums" [piano/vocal book]
"Double Shot Of Boston" [guitar TABs for the first two albums]
"Third Stage" [guitar/piano/vocal book]
"Third Stage" [band score; only available in Japan]
"Walk On"
"Boston (Just The Riffs)" [guitar riffs for the first four albums]
"Greatest Hits" [band score; different songs from 1997 album]

"Boston Guitar Technique" [60 minute instructional video by
Curt Mitchell, featuring riffs from various BOSTON songs,
plus misc. techniques and equipment settings]

Q. Who named BOSTON?
A. Some sources credit Paul Ahern with suggesting the name, but
Brad Delp said in a 1995 interview that it was John Boylan.
Either way, the initial reaction by Tom, Brad & Co. was not

Q. How many different people have sued BOSTON and/or Tom Scholz?
A. CBS, Paul Ahern, Fran Sheehan, Sib Hashian, Jim Masdea and
Barry Goudreau. Barry may have actually sued Tom twice (once
in the early '80s and again in 1989). Tom won the CBS lawsuit,
settled out of court with his former bandmates, and won most
of his appeal after initially losing the Paul Ahern lawsuit.

Q. Is the Eric Carr who co-engineered _Don't Look Back_ the same
Eric Carr who was the drummer for Kiss 1981-1991?
A. According to the BOSTON Office, no. Kiss' Eric Carr was born
Paul Caravallo.

Q. Is it true that Tom's dad is a home builder and/or architect of
some sort?
A. Yes, Tom's dad was a home builder, and his Scottsdale, Arizona-based
company was called Scholz Custom Homes, but the elder Mr. Scholz is
now retired.

Q. Isn't the _Boston_ album the #2 All-Time seller, behind only
Michael Jackson's _Thriller_?
A. Not anymore. For a brief period in 1995 BOSTON held the #2
spot, with 15 million copies sold. But several albums have since
passed _Boston_, including The Eagles' _Greatest Hits 1971-1975_,
Bruce Springsteen's _Born In The U.S.A._, Fleetwood Mac's
_Rumours_ and Led Zeppelin's fourth album.

Q. How many albums have the other BOSTON records sold?
A. _Don't Look Back_ has sold 7 million, while _Third Stage_ has
sold 4 million. _Walk On_ was certified platinum within three
months, but sales have dropped off considerably since 1995.
_Boston_'s official sales numbers are currently at 16 million.

Q. Does BOSTON hold the record for "Best Selling Debut Album
Of All Time" or not? What about Whitney Houston and/or
Guns n' Roses and/or Hootie and the Blowfish?
A. The short answer is that for the time being _Boston_ is the
best selling debut album of all time, with 16 million copies sold.

The longer answer is... _Boston_ had held the mark until 1986, when
Whitney Houston's debut eclipsed it. But BOSTON still had the
"Best Selling Debut By A Group"...until, that is, Guns n' Roses'
_Appetite For Destruction_ overtook it. But in recent years the
debut BOSTON album recaptured the crown.

As for Hootie & The Blowfish, they have sold 15 million copies
of _Cracked Rear View_. However, since Hootie had released three
albums prior to signing a national recording contract, it is
unclear whether they are eligible for "Best Selling Debut" status.

Q. Which band beat BOSTON for the 1976 Grammy award for "Best New
A. That would be the Starland Vocal Band, which, in typical Grammy
tradition, soon folded and never had another hit song.

Q. Are there any BOSTON cover songs?
A. Yes. The only known nationally released cover songs are:

"Rock & Roll Band" by The New Duncan Imperials (on _We're In A Band_)
"More Than A Feeling" by Shinehead (on _Troddin'_)
"More Than A Feeling" by Meow (on _Goalie For The Other Team_)
"More Than A Feeling" by The Moog Cookbook (on _Ye Olde Space Band_)

A few BOSTON covers have been released by lesser-known bands on
independent record labels, such as "More Than A Feeling" by Foreskin
(which was backed with a song titled "Less Than A Feeling").
And in the early 1990s an independent label in Washington state
released an E.P. titled "Bostonot!" It featured various
alternative-type bands interpreting the songs from the first BOSTON
album. It is no longer in print.

Also, 'Muzak' versions of "More Than A Feeling" and "Don't Look
Back" exist, and karaoke versions of "Amanda," "More Than A Feeling,"
and "A Man I'll Never Be" exist. The BOSTON Office has also reported
that somebody was going to do Cantonese and Portuguese versions of

Finally, Nirvana sometimes played the beginning of "More Than A Feeling"
before "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Phish has been known to do
"Foreplay/Long Time," Beavis & Butt-head once sang the opening
verse to "More Than A Feeling," and Garth Brooks announced in
May of 1996 that he was considering recording "Hitch A Ride" and/or
"Something About You."

Q. Has BOSTON ever performed other artist's material?
A. On a few rare occasions, yes:

1. At the 12/13/94 concert at the Harvard Square House Of Blues,
they performed versions of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
(instrumental) and John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"
(aka "So This Is Christmas").
2. On the 1995 and 1997 tours, almost every show opened with an
instrumental version of "The Star Spangled Banner." A studio
version of the song was issued to various radio stations in 1994
and later included on the _Greatest Hits_ album.
3. On the final show of the 1995 tour, BOSTON performed the
Steppenwolf song "Born To Be Wild," featuring a roadie named
'Chainsaw' on lead vocals.
4. During 1997 soundchecks the band would occasionally play other
artists' songs, including Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready."

Also, the original version of "Magdalene" was released by
the Pennsylvania-based band Hybrid Ice.

1996, 1998 Scott Swanson
These documents may not be distributed or reprinted without
permission from the author

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