Hello and welcome to the "unofficial" Northeast Heights Family Clinic home page.  This page was created by 2 medical students, Brian Starr and Kelly Cunningham, as part of a community service project during our 3rd year of medical school in the summer of 2001.  The purpose of this page is to provide information regarding the clinic, and to provide information regarding health issues and conditions which may be important to the clinic's patient population.  Please explore the page and the links which we have put together, and enjoy your visit!  Thanks!  -Brian Starr and Kelly Cunningham (August 2001)

Information regarding the Northeast Heights Family Clinic

Clinic Location: 7801 Academy NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Clinic Phone Number: 505-272-2700
Map of Clinic: Click here for Map
Provider Search: Clich here to locate a physician at a UNM clinic


LINKS: Please click here to access our "patient information" page regarding health issues, disease topics, and more!


Please email me, Brian Starr, for comments regarding this page and/or broken links...

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