Math in Daily Life:



Probability and Statistics


The GED is now more life and work oriented.  The math problems are word problems, so it is important to understand the language of math and how we use it every day.

This assignment asks you to explore the purpose of math, its universal language and to look at how statistics affect our decisions.  There is a quiz to complete at the end.



Read Math in Daily Life: Introduction, then click on the link to the left that reads The Universal Language.  Next, you'll go to Playing to Win.  At the end of that page, there is a link to "Place Your Bets: Cashing in on Probability."  Read this section as well, then click the link on the left of the page to go to Statistics.  Once you've finished this activity, take the quiz.



Math in Daily Life: Introduction

The Universal Language

Playing to Win

Place Your Bets: Cashing in on Probability




Quiz on Quiz Star

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