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Study groups run throughout the semester and may change without notice. If you want to arrange a study group, call the Learning Center at 925-8907 or come by the Learning Center. The semester Study Group and SI schedule is posted below for your convenience. Attendance is voluntary and although we will ask you to sign in, you are free to stay for as much or little of the scheduled time as suits you.

Workshops: additional workshops are offered on request. Reviews are offered as requested by instructors or students. 

If you do not have keyboard skills, we suggest you spend time in a lab to acquire those skills and/or enroll in IT 101.

Summer 2015
SI Schedule
, Study Groups, & Drop-in Tutoring Hours
Drop-in hours, *SI & Study Group hours

(updated 05/12/15)

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Resources
A & P II             Anna, Alyssa
Bio 123             Biology link
Anna, Alyssa
Chem 111             Nicole, Alyssa, Anna, Austin, Jennifer
Chem 121
            STEM Center
Chem 122             Austin, Jennifer
Writing Lab
Learning Center
            Amy, Nicole, Anna, Leandra, Tylee
Econ 105, 106             Van
Math 111
Math 112
Math 101, 102, 103 & 120, Math 121             STEM Center
Math 123
Math 150
            Anna, Nicole, Austin, Leandra
Math 180
            Van, Austin, Leandra
Math 162 (Calc 1)
Math 163 (Calc 2)
Math 264 (Calc 3)

Stats 145

            Van, Leandra, Alyssa
Physics 151
Physics 160
Soc 101             Van
Mgmt & Acctg             Van


We strive to make the Center a place where you feel comfortable and where you can achieve your academic goals.  If you have suggestions for how we might improve our services to you, please drop by to see me or e-mail me at lfarring@unm.edu

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