Print Management Program

University Services has integrated the Copier Management Program into the new Print Management program.  A new feature of the program is the availability of a free initial assessment process that evaluates a department’s current mix of printers, copiers, scanners, and faxes.  The recently awarded vendors develop a plan to optimize, reduce and streamline the department’s device layout.  The resulting proposals offer creative solutions, document cost savings, constraints and avoidance, provide for continuous productivity checks and deliver versatile reporting capabilities.  Receiving proposals from three vendors makes the process continuously competitive and offers the best possible options for the department.  From the vendors’ proposals, the department has the option to choose one of the proposals in full, in part, or none at all.

The awarded vendors are Pacific Office Automation, Ricoh (formerly Ikon), and Xerox Corporation.

Printer and toner supply purchases are also a part of the new Print Management. Departments have the capability of standardizing their desktop printers to achieve the highest cost savings.  The standardized equipment in the contract provides for net cost reductions and full coverage maintenance. 

All printer, copier, scanner, MFDs (Multifunctional Devices), and fax purchases must go through University Services and the simple quote process. 

Pharos, an enterprise print service management, is the final new element to the program.  This has been implemented by University Libraries and Information Technologies for student printing.

There is still the same automated auditing process, centralized billing, standard leasing process and customer support through University Services, with increased security requirements and overall lower pricing.

**New** Selected devices, per vendor, are now available on LoboMart effective July 17, 2013.  Choosing a printer or multi-functional device from LoboMart eliminates the need to complete the quote process.  After selecting a device, email Michelle Albro with the selection to order.   

For more information or to start the process:
Michelle Albro, University Services
Phone: 277-3519
MSC12 7020



Vendor Pricing:

Pacific Office Automation