Print Management Program FAQ’s

Q:  How do I get an Internal Purchase Requisition (or Purchase Requisition – ‘PR’) for the Print Management Program?
A:  Go to University Services’ website at:
and submit a ‘Request a new PR for Print Mgmt form.  You will receive your new number by email within 24 hours or less.

Q:  How do I change the contact person name, index code, or contract end date on an Internal Purchase Requisition (PR)?
A:  All information on a PR can be easily updated at University Services’ website using the ‘Modify an existing PR’ link under the Quick Links.

Q:  Who do I call to receive copies of monthly invoices if I have not received them?
A:  Contact Michelle Albro at 277-3519, The invoice will be emailed to you.

Q:  How do I lease a copier?
A:  There are now two (2) ways to begin the process of leasing a copier, multi-functional device, printer, fax or scanner:

  1. Go to the LoboMart and choose a device (s). Place the order as usual in LoboMart.  A notification will automatically be sent to University Services.  We will confirm the order with you within 24 hours.
  2. Email Michelle Albro at with the specifications of the device that you would like to lease.

    For the complete process, call or email Michelle Albro at or 277-3519.

Q:  Who are the approved Print Management Solutions Program vendors?
A:  The current approved vendors are:
Pacific Office Automation: Paul Holmes, 883-2800,
Xerox Corporation: Annette Lucero,  999-6554,
Ricoh:  Jon Matthews, 878-6622,