Frequently Asked Questions of CRLS

Q: How much does Dry Ice cost?
A: $2.46 per Pound

Q: What are your Store Hours?
A: 8 am – 5 pm

Q: What are your Walk-In Hours?
A: 8:30-10:30 and 2:30-4:30.

Q: What types of products do you stock?
A: You can view our Full Inventory on our website: Some of our items include products such as: Acetone and Methanol, Pipet Tips (Barrier Tips, Sterile, Bulk Universal Tips), Centrifuge Tubes, PCR Tubes, PCR Kits, Restriction Enzymes, Cell Culture Media, Kimwipes, Petri Dishes, Lab Coats, and Lab Tape, etc.

Q: Do you stock Pre-cast gels?
A: No, due to the short shelf life and varying concentration and well size. Pre-cast gels normally ship overnight, so the waiting time is usually minimal.

Q: What types of gas cylinders / gas tanks do you have available?
A: We normally stock a wide variety, but the most common gases are Standard Industrial H size (250cu.) tanks. These include Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Nitrogen, Helium and Air. For some of these gases we have different purities and sizes - regular and Ultra High Purity (UHP or USP for Oxygen), and E-sizes (50cu.) of Oxygen, Helium and Nitrous Oxide.

Q: Do you charge a rental fee for the gas cylinders?
A:  No, we only charge for the gas in the tank. If you lose the tank, then there will be a tank replacement charge of $250.00 per tank.

Q: What should my gas cylinder pressure read when full?
A: CO2 should read about 850 psi at Room Temp. It may be lower in cold weather until warmed up. All other tanks should read 1800 – 220 psi at Room Temp.

Q: What is the minimum amount of dry ice or Liquid Nitrogen I can buy?
A: The minimum amount we deliver is 4 lbs of Dry Ice or 4L of LN2. You can pick up smaller amounts if you have a container, but these are the smallest quantities we deliver to labs.

Q: Can I rent a Liquid Nitrogen dewar?
A: In general, users rent LN2 dewars from us. We charge $30.00 monthly for rent and charge for the amount of LN2 on each fill – usually 160L or 180L. When you no longer need the dewar we will pick it up and discontinue monthly rental fees.

Q: Can you order from Company “X”?
A: Yes, as long as they take Visa and they are in the U.S. or Canada. For foreign companies, they need to take Visa or Master Card, and bill in US dollars.

Q: Can I use my P-Card?
A: No. As an internal (UNM) service, it is not our policy to allow the use of your P-Card at CRLS. We sell to customers using Internal Purchase Requisitions and bill your Banner Index Code.

Q: How do I set up an account - PO / PR?
A: Your accountant can fill out an Internal Purchase Requisition (PR). They will normally have copies and will type in the required information, but if they don’t have a copy you can find a blank form on our website towards the upper left hand side under ‘Req Form.’ The most important info is: Banner Index Code and Account Code, Department Name and Billing Address, Delivery Building and Room, Dollar Limit, Beginning/End Date, and the Principal Investigator’s Name (or Name you want the account to go by).

Q: Can I buy an item and have it shipped to another university?
A: Yes, as long as we receive a copy of the packing slip and the Invoice is shipped to our Bill-to Address. We also inform them that they must adhere to our local hazard and federal and state law requirements.

Q: Can I buy a chemical and have it shipped to my residence?
A: No, University and Federal guidelines prohibit us from shipping to off-campus addresses, except other Universities.

Q: Do you carry tubing and fittings?
A: We stock several types of tubing such as Tygon, Nylon, Latex, PFA, Poly (HDPE), Copper, and Stainless Steel. We also stock a large selection of Swagelock fittings.

Q: Can I order Custom Primers/Oligos through CRLS?
A: We can order custom primers from Invitrogen, IDT, and Sigma Genosys. Normally, the order lead time is approximately six days.

Q: Do you stock Office Supplies?
A: We carry a wide range of office supplies from Sandia Office Supply

Q: Do you sell Ethanol?
A: There are two purities of ethanol that we stock. They are 190 and 200 Proof. The sizes are in 4L containers for both purities, and also a 500ml size of the 200 proof. Sales of in-stock non-denatured ethanol are restricted to University accounts due to federal tax purposes. We also stock a denatured grade of ethanol in the 190 and 200 proof purities in 4L sizes for Off-campus accounts. Off-campus accounts may also order ethanol from Sigma as the federal tax charges are already calculated into the cost.

Q: Do you sell Pipettors?
A: Yes, we stock a full range of single-channel Eppendorf brand pipettors. These range in size from 0.1ul to 5000ul.

Q: What types of gloves do you sell?
A: We sell VWR Latex and Nitrile gloves in both pack and case sizes. These range in size from extra small (XS) to extra large (XL).