Frequently Asked Questions of Records Management

Q.How do I get boxes to store my files?  
A. You need an internal purchase requisition (PR). You can submit an online PR Request to University Services at  Boxes are $2.00 and labels are $0.10 each.

Q.. Can I use boxes we bought off site?
A. No. In order to maintain uniformity and to maximize our shelf space in our warehouse, it is necessary to use the boxes we sell.

Q. Do I have to pick the boxes up?                          
A. No, we deliver and pickup all boxes at your department.

Q. How do I know how many boxes I will need to store all my files?
A. We approximate 1 box to hold about a standard office drawer.  Of course this may vary.

Q. Can I have files from different years in the same box?
A.Yes. We track the files from the most recent dates of your files.

Q. How long do you keep our files?
A. We store all of the files according to the New Mexico State Records and Retention Schedule, depending on the types of files you have. You can find a link on our website at .

Q. What do I do when I want to retrieve some records from you?
A. We designate a unique serial number with each box stored in our warehouse.  When you request a file/box, ask for the serial number. We do not handle individual files from the boxes. We can deliver the box to you within 2 days.

Q. How do I know when my files are destroyed?
A. We notify your department when the files have met the retention time. At that time you have the option of storing the files off site or to have them destroyed.  A departmental authorization is required before we can destroy your records.
Q. What if I have historical documents?
A. We do not store historical documents. Please contact the UNM archivist at 277-5707 if you have these items.