About UNM Novell Users Group

A Brief History

UNMNUG was formed during the mid-summer to early-fall of 1987. Suffering between being nameless as well as several name changes during our first two or three years, we are still a Novell/NetWare User's International, recognized User's Group, UNMNUG. We have a small-to-medium sized membership with a regular showing of 6 to 15 attendees at our monthly meetings. This group was formed primarily to share ideas and technical know-how, with the emphasis on helping novices in the Novell networking field. We do currently include many varieties of networking, software, and computer issues at our monthly meetings as well as Novell.

We are affiliated with Novell Users International (NUI)

UNMNUG Rules, Regulations, and Decisions

  1. To be classed as a current active member a person must have attended at least two of the last four meetings, and upon this classification may partake in our drawings and give-a-ways.
  2. To be eligible to vote on a particular item at a meeting, a person must be classed as a current active member as in #1 above.
  3. The majority rules. All votes will be decided by a majority of the current active members as classified in #1 above, with the President only voting to break a tie.
  4. For drawings, the Meeting Co-ordinator will select numbered beads which correspond to the matched sign-in sheet and eligibility list names and place them in a container. Then each member will pull out beads to award prizes in the order the president has listed them. The eligibility list is to be prepared in advance of the meeting by the president or his designee according to #1 above.
  5. Persons wishing to be "Distant" members, that is, a part of our group, but cannot or will not attend meetings regularly may do so.
    • They will not be eligible for our drawings, or NUI membership cards.
    • They may send/receive electronic mail to/from the group by subscribing to our list server
    • They may use our library items, but only as can be used under supervision at the library location, or can be copied on our Xerox machine.

Library Checkout Procedure for Magazines and books

  1. Go to library, scan item, have Jennie make copies of articles wanted either while you wait, or to be sent to you later.
  2. Go to library, read items on site.
  3. Go to library, check out item, to be returned either within one week, or at the next meeting. If the next meeting is more than a week away, and there is another request for the item, the item needs to be returned to the library by the end of the week.
  4. Notify Jennie of the item wanted, they will bring it to the next meeting to be checked out by you with the same conditions as in #C above.