GroupWise Mail
GroupWise Calendar

Novell Documentations on GroupWise 7:

GroupWise7 Documentation
Cool Solutions Vault on GroupWise
GroupWise 7 Interactive Tutorial by BrainStorm
Article of GroupWise 7 by BrainStorm
How to export and import personal address
How to import Non-Novell address book

ITS FastInfo for GroupWise 7 Client:

Transition from Oracle Calendar to GroupWise Calendar
How to move old messages from Communigate to GroupWise
How to move meetings and appointments from Oracle Calendar to GroupWise
How to Setup Department Proxy Accounts

Migration Tools:

Formativ Personal Outlook Migration Pack

Solutions for GroupWise Client Problems:

Error message "The DLL being called encountered a problem"


The DLL being Called Encounter a Problem ...

Problem:Failed to extract file "NewBinary 19" from the binary table.

Solution: Check in Control Panel | Add and Remove Programs to see if Windows NT Messaging is installed. If it is installed, remove it. If not, check and see if other Instant Messengers are installed. Remove them if they exist. Also remove any GroupWise products including the GroupWise folder in C:\Novell.

Install Windows Messaging Services, can be download from ITS Downloadsite, or browse to your downloaded GroupWise client folder in Win32/WMS/NT/US folder and double click the wms.exe to install . Next go to Win32 folder and double click on the setup.exe icon to complete GroupWise Client installation.

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