Calendar Questions
Can you propose a meeting without being a “Proxy”?
Answer: Appointments are sent as e-mails. They will post into the recipient's calendar once the recipient accepts or delegates the propose meeting.
Can you view other calendars without being a “proxy”?
Answer: You have to be given proxy to view other calendars. You can use Busy Search to find a time when all the people and resources you want to schedule meeting are available
Printing a Calendar – Multi User – will it print the users side-by-side or up-and-down?
The Multi-User day calendar displays users schedule side-by-side in column format. The weekly and month calendar displays users schedule side-by-side in row format.
Can GroupWise notify you of Calendar events?
When creating a new appointments, click on Action from the Toolbar, click on Tools and then select alarm. For existing appointments, right mouse click on an event on the calendar and select alarm. Then set the hours and minutes you want a reminder to pop-up on the screen before an event.
You can schedule recurring appointments by using the Auto-Date feature. Since each recurring meeting produces an item in your in-box, a lot of e-mails are generated to either accept or decline. Can you do an accept all or decline all for recurring meeting?
Answer: Yes, right mouse click on one instance of a recurring meeting, click on accept or decline for this instance or for all instances.