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Indigenous Education & Identity

- Chiapas & Mexico City, Mexico -

The UNM Service Corps and the Native American Community Academy offer a two-week summer cultural immersion experience in Mexico City and Chiapas, Mexico. This experience is an intensive training that will lead the participant through a creative process instructional model: this is a student-centered approach that allows one to form and share perceptions and paradigms, to compare and contrast experiences through interaction and immersion, to process creatively what they have learned through hands-on projects, and to evaluate and reflect on their learning and progress. Participants are expected to apply their experience to their work at UNMSC and/or NACA.

The integration of theory and practice provides students with important lessons for their work at home and an in-depth appreciation of the following themes:

Worldviews and Identity
Place and Identity
Indigenous Struggle in Mexico
Education and Activism

Participants will:

  • Learn about indigenous education and identity from an indigenous perspective. They will visit two autonomous indigenous schools in Chiapas. They will also learn about the historical and political context of the Zapatista struggle.
  • Learn about the urbanization of historic neighborhoods in Mexico City. They will also have a tour of the Zocolo, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Teotihuacan, and Palenque; these site visits will highlight the political, historical, and cultural importance of these spaces.
  • Engage in discussion circles and workshops with their peers where they will connect their immersion experience to selected readings.
  • Prepare a cultural presentation to present to the students and education promoters in Mexico.
  • Document their experience using digital stories, film, group journals, peer interview, etc. which will be shared with their community upon return.

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