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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. When do I submit time sheets? Who do I submit time sheets too?

Timesheets are due Bi-Weekly at the CLPS Office before 2pm on their due date. CNM Timesheets are due on Mondays, while UNM Timesheets are due on Wednesdays before 12pm. Due dates and pay period info is available at the CLPS office and on monthly calendar.

    2. Who can I call to see the total amount of work-study I receive each semester?

You need to contact either your financial aid advisor or the work-study/student employment office at the campus you are attending to get this information. Remember that the work-study has to be a federal work-study award and not state work-study.

    3. Do I need to keep track of my work-study I receive each semester?

Yes, this is so that we know how much money you have available during the course of the year and we have a “heads up” if you need to be switched over to another funding source so that your pay is not delayed.

    4. How can I keep track of my work-study?

Contact the work-study/student employment office and ask them what the balance is that you have remaining on your award. Please note though that sometimes their info may have a delay of about two weeks, so if you have been paid between the day you call and the “as of” date that they give you, that payment must be subtracted to get your actual balance.

    5. Can I lose my work-study if I drop classes?

Yes, if you fall below 6 credit hours at either CNM or UNM, your work-study will be taken away.

    6. What do I do if my work-study runs out?

You will have to talk with your Site Facilitator and/or a CLPS staff member to see what other funding source you can be put under until you can receive a new work-study award, which won’t likely be until the summer semester or the following academic year.

    7. How can I receive work-study in the summer?

You need to apply for it at your work-study office. The FAFSA form you filled out mainly covers the Fall and Spring semesters so you need to stop by the Financial Aid office to get any necessary forms filled out for the Summer award. This should be done before the end of the Spring semester so that there are no unnecessary delays.

    8. How many classes do I need to take in the summer in order to receive work-study for the entire summer?

At CNM you need to be enrolled in 6 credit hours for the entire 12 weeks during the Summer, while at UNM, the student needs to be enrolled in 3 credit hours for the entire 8 week Summer session.

    9. In the summer if I take classes from UNM and CNM can I still receive work-study?

Yes, because UNM and CNM can work together through the consortium agreement. You will have to check with the Financial Aid office for more details and eligibility requirements.

    10. When do I reapply for work-study? How can I reapply for work-study?

The priority date for filling out the FAFSA form is March 1st of each year. This is when you can receive the most money possible for your financial aid. The FAFSA forms are available at the financial aid offices and you can also do it electronically online at *When you fill out the FAFSA form please make sure that you mark YES when asked if you are interested in work-study!*

Important Numbers and Info

FAFSA Online:

CNM Financial Aid & Student Employment Office: 505.224.3090

UNM Financial Aid Office: 505.277.2041

UNM Work-study/Student Employment: 505.277.3511

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