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Working Committee Membership

Academic Research Organisation Academic Stature  Campus Culture
Community Outreach Diversity Promotion Financial Affairs 
Globalization  Graduate & Professional Infrastructure
Operations and Management Public Support Quality of Life 
Relations with Other Educational Institutions  Staff Recruitment  Support for NM Economy 
Support for Research Undergraduate Student Recruitment  Undergraduate Education 

Physical Infrastructure and Information Systems

  • Roger Schluntz, Dean, Architecture & Planning, Chair
  • Harvey Chase, Physical Plant
  • Chris Landgraf, Telecommunicaitons
  • Farhad Jahaveripour, MTS
  • Holly Shipp Buchanan, HSC Library
  • Walter Miller, SUB
  • Mary Kinney, HSC Planning
  • Andy Sanchez, UNM V
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Roger Lujan
  • John Trotter

Operations and Management Systems

  • Carol Stephens, Business Policies, Chair
  • Judy Cartmell, Comptroller, HSC
  • Fred Youberg, EMIS
  • David McGuire, CIRT
  • Kathleen Sena, Registrar
  • Barbara West, Engineering
  • Susie Mullins, Internal Audit
  • Debbie Valdez, UNM LA
  • Chris Vallejos, FRS, Comptroller’s Office
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Nancy Middlebrook
  • Julie Weaks

Staff Recruitment, Retention, Development and Support

  • Susan Carkeek, Director, HR, Chair
  • Helen Gonzales, EOD
  • L. J. Lovell, Staff Council
  • Diane Gwinn, Engineering
  • Kitty Hayes, Library
  • Barbara Ohm, HSC
  • Juanita Trujillo, Architecture and Planning
  • Mary Anne Coultas, HSC
  • Cynthia Martin, UNM Valencia
  • Greg Gaillard, School of Medicine
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Christine Kozojet
  • Ron Martinez

Financial Affairs:  Development, Public Support, Revenues, Financial Management

  • Max Kerlin, Academic Affairs, Chair
  • Leslie Oakes, ASM
  • Dupuy Bateman, Director, Auxiliary Services
  • Curt Porter, Budget Director
  • Ann Powell, ORS
  • John Maes, Development
  • Bob Earnest, HSC
  • Joanne Tapia, Student Affairs
  • Leo Moya, Bursar
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Julie Weaks
  • Christine Kozojet

Communication and Collaboration with Stakeholders, Strategic Partners, Alumni

  • Information is currently unavailable.
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Jerry Dominguez
  • Steve Brueck

Campus Culture/Climate:  Values, What is Excellence?, Student Life, Collegiality

  • Tom Dodson, Chair
  • Jonathon Armandariz, Dispute Resolution
  • Veronica Mendez-Cruz, El Centro de la Raza
  • Randy Boeglin, Dean of Students
  • Olga Eaton, Student Health
  • Kathy Guimond, Campus Police
  • Michael Padilla, Public Affairs
  • Theresa Ramos, Office of Equal Opportunity
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Bill Miller
  • John Geissman

Public Support/Institutional Image

  • Fred Harris, Political Science, Chair
  • Shawn Sheppard, ASM
  • Denise Wallen, ORS
  • Carol Silva, Institute for Public Policy
  • Kooch Jacobus, Sen. Bingaman’s office
  • Susan McKinsey, Institutional Advancement
  • Pam Galbraith, Behavioral Health, HSC
  • Maria Raby Griego, Former Alumni President
  • Bill McGillis, Associate Director for Athletics
  • Phillip Laragoite, Lobbyist
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Judy Jones
  • Claudia Isaac

Contribution to Quality of Life in New Mexico, Community Development, Delivery of Services, Urban Agenda, State Agenda

  • David Stuart, Associate Provost, Chair
  • Demetra Logothetis, Dental Hygiene
  • Marge Devon, Tamarind Institute
  • Felipe Gonzales, SHRI
  • Judy Wright, Employee Health
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Claudia Isaac
  • Roger Lujan

Community Outreach/Relations

  • Ed Rodriguez, Continuing Education, Chair
  • Ellen Cosgrove, Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education
  • Art Kaufman, HSC
  • Teresa Cordova, Architecture and Planning
  • Rita Gallegos Logan, UNM V
  • Paul Nathanson, Law
  • Breda Bova, Education
  • Frank Martinez, Public Affairs
  • Chris Urbina, HSC
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Reinaldo Garcia
  • Lawrence Royal

Undergraduate Student Recruitment, Retention, Support, Enrollment Management

  • Terry Babbitt, Recruitment, Chair
  • Arturo Sierra, College Enrichment
  • Rita Padilla, Scholarships
  • Rosalie Otero, University Honors
  • Charles Paine, English
  • Scott Carruthers, African American Student Services
  • Roxanne Littlefield, Math
  • Benny Shendo, Academic and Student Affairs
  • Mark Chisholm, Institutional Research
  • Beth Miller – UNM Gallup
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Ron Martinez
  • Cheo Torres

Diversity Promotion

  • Ricardo Maestes, Executive Affairs Officer, Chair
  • Roberto Gomez, HSC
  • Anne Thomas, OEO
  • Matthew Padilla, Student Affairs
  • Cheryl Learn, Women Studies
  • Maggie Werner-Washburn, Biology
  • Lee Francis, Native American Studies
  • Shaime Okunor, African American Studies
  • Laura Valdez, Dean of Students Office
  • Helen Muller, ASM
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Cheo Torres
  • Viola Florez

Globalization/International/Latin America

  • Gil Merkx, Director of LAII, Chair
  • Rebecca Digman, International Programs
  • Guillermina Engelbrecht, Education
  • Gladis Maresma, OITEC
  • Susan Tiano, Sociology
  • David Wolfe, Physics & Astronomy and Raiology
  • Scott Obenshain, HSC Student Affairs
  • Jon Tolman, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Peter Pabisch, Foreign Languages and Literatures (German)
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Lawrence Roybal
  • Nancy Middlebrook

Relations with other Educational Institutions

  • Cindy Stuart, Director of Admissions, Chair
  • Ignacio Cordova, Associate Provost
  • Augustine Martinez, Continuing Education
  • Liz Jenkins, CHE
  • Manny Rodriguez, Rio Rancho Public Schools
  • Jane Bradley, Associate Dean, TVI
  • Diego Gallegos, APS
  • Peter Winograd, COE
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Viola Florez
  • Wanda Martin

Academic and Research Organization – Research Initiatives, Interdisciplinary Interactions, Collaborating, Shared Governance

  • Jack McIver, Chair of Physics, Chair
  • Susan Deese-Roberts, CAPS, Former Chair of Senate Graduate Committee
  • Nancy Uscher, Associate Provost
  • Jeanne Logsdon, ASM
  • Vera Norwood, A&S
  • Deepak Kapur, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Jan Oliver, Cancer Center
  • Roland Wildman, CHTM
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • John Omdalh
  • Rienaldo Garcia

Undergraduate Teaching/Learning/Curriculum/Delivery of Instruction

  • Peter White, Dean of University College, Chair
  • Jean Civikly-Powell, Teaching/Learning Center
  • Sandra Ferketich, Dean, Nursing
  • Monica Cyrino, Chair, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • David Kaufman, Engineering
  • Gordon Hodge, Psychology
  • Joe Champoux, ASM
  • Debbie Knotts, MTS
  • Michelle Lebeau, UNM-Valencia
  • David Atencio -- Education
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Wanda Martin
  • John Omdahl

Academic Stature/Faculty Development, Recruitment, and Retention

  • Michael Dougher, Chair of Psychology, Chair
  • Richard Holder, Deputy Provost
  • William Rayburn, Chair, OB/GYN
  • Sue Scott, Faculty Development, Medicine
  • Hugh Witemeyer, AAUP
  • Miriam Chavez, UNM V
  • Tey Diana Rebolledo, Spanish and Portugese
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • John Trotter
  • Bill Miller

Support for New Mexico Economy, Adult and Continuing Ed., Vocational Ed., Economic Development, Commercialization of Intellectual Property

  • Howard Smith, Dean of ASM, Chair
  • Andrea D’Ambrosia, STC
  • Cheryl Willman, Cancer Center
  • Art Guenther, Engineering
  • Lee Reynis, BBER
  • Loretta Armenta, Hispano Chamber
  • Bob Furry, UNM V
  • Bob Paine, Chemistry
  • Continuing Education Representative
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Steve Brueck
  • Jerry Dominguez

Support for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

  • ? Kevin Malloy, EECE &CHTM, Chair
  • ? Abhaya K. Datye, Director of CCMC
  • ? Nasir Ahmed, Associate Provost for Research
  • ? Les McFadden, Earth and Planetary Science
  • ? Pope Mosley, Associate Dean for Research, Medicine
  • ? Jane Buikstra, Anthropology
  • ? Tom Niemczyk, Chemistry
  • ? Paul Roth, Dean of Medicine
  • ? Marc Ingber, ME
  • ? Melissa Bokovoy, History
  • ? Bill Evans, Theatre and Dance
  • ? Tobias Duran, Center for Regional Studies
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Joe Cecchi
  • Wanda Martin

Graduate and Professional Education, Mentorship, and Recruitment

  • Robert Desiderio, Dean of Law School, Co-Chair
  • Mike Campana, Water Resources, Co-Chair
  • Jeff Griffeth, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Bill Galey, Graduate Studies, HSC
  • Robin Meize-Grochowski, OGS
  • Ken Frandsen, Senate Graduate Committee
  • Tim Gutierrez, Sr. Program Mgr, Student Affairs
  • Kate Vogel, Chair of Biology
  • Gabriel Melendez, American Studies
Strategic Planning Task Force Liaisons:
  • Jackie Hood
  • Joe Cecchi

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