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November 2000


All Members of the UNM Community

Brian Foster, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chair, Strategic Planning Task Force


Strategic Planning Working Committee Reports

I am pleased to make available the following reports from working committees formed by the Strategic Planning Task Force, which will be the basis for developing the strategic directions (i.e., broad goals) for our the UNM strategic plan.  Copies of these reports will be posted on the Strategic Planning website (www.unm.edu/~unmstrat) and can also be requested from the Office of the Provost or any of the Branch Campus Director’s offices.

I would like to invite all students and employees of the UNM campuses (all Albuquerque campuses and the branches) as well as community members who are interested to join the discussion of these papers.  A record of the discussions will become part of the planning record as the Planning Task Force forms the strategic directions early in the spring term.  The forums are scheduled to take place at the end of the semester on all of the UNM campuses.  You may also post comments on the Strategic Planning website bulletin board or e-mail them to unmstrat@unm.edu.

It is important to be clear on the nature of these reports.  They do not constitute UNM plans and, indeed, are not UNM documents in the sense of representing official university positions.  Rather each is a thoughtful essay that presents the collective thinking of an informed group of people concerned with a topic of critical importance for the planning process.  The papers were meant to stimulate discussion within and beyond the UNM community about nineteen topics that are critical to the UNM plan.

The committees’ topics were formed on the basis of input from more than fifteen focus groups in the late summer and early fall.  Each focus group was asked to list for us everything the members could think of that the University of New Mexico ought to be doing; the groups were then asked to cluster their items.  The Planning Task Force studied these rich and provocative data to define a set of topics spanning the entire range of activities arising from the focus groups.  For each of the nineteen resulting groups, a committee was formed and asked to prepare a five-page report.  It is these reports that are before you at this time.  A detailed description of the strategic planning process can be found on the Strategic Planning Website.

I encourage you to take part in this exciting process and take advantage of the opportunity to provide input.  Please feel free to contact my office or any member of the Planning Task Force should you have any questions.


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