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The Valencia Campus, a branch college of UNM, is an open-access, student-centered institution which offers a variety of associate degrees, certificate and credential programs

The University of New Mexico Valencia Campus is located in Tome, New Mexico, halfway between Belen and Los Lunas, the two main population centers of Valencia County. The campus occupies 150 acres of rural land overlooking the Rio Grande Valley to the west, the Manzano Mountains to the east, and historic Tome Hill to the north. The campus includes nine buildings designed in a modern, Southwestern style. UNM Valencia Campus received a prestigious award from the New Mexico Society of Architecture for its outstanding landscaping







As a branch college of the University of New Mexico, UNM–Valencia Campus is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.


Equal Educational Opportunity Policy

The University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus programs are available to all students regardless of race, religion, sex, creed, handicap, or national origin.

The Valencia Campus Branch of the University of New Mexico is subject to the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. We support the letter and spirit of these laws. Qualified students with disabilities needing accommodations to fully participate in the programs and services offered by the Valencia Branch should contact the coordinator of the Student Enrichment Center at 865-9598 (ext. 523) or TDD 865-7423.

Students should notify the coordinator of the Student Enrichment Center of their needs as soon as possible to assure necessary accommodations can be provided in a timely manner.

For further information, contact the Rehabilitation Act/Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator, the Director of Equal Opportunity Programs at UNM-Main Campus, 277-5251 (voice/TDD).


Five-Part Educational Program

  1. Technical education programs are offered in: Business Management with options in Banking, Management, and Real Estate, Computer-Aided Drafting, Computer Information Systems; and Office and Business Technology. Certificates and/or two-year Associate of Applied Science degrees are available in each of these career-based fields. While these are not designed as transfer programs, some or all credits earned through these programs may be eligible for transfer.
  2. Certificates and/or Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees are offered in the fields of Business Administration, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Education, General Science, Human Services, Liberal Arts, Pre-Health Science, Studio Art and Southwest Studies. Most of the credits earned for these degrees can be transferred to the UNM-Main Campus or to most other four-year colleges and universities. Specific program articulation agreements have been approved with UNM-Main Campus for the business administration and computer science programs.
  3. Basic skills assistance is offered so that students who are not adequately prepared for admission to college level study can work to improve their skills and meet their educational goals. Developmental credit courses are offered in reading, writing, math, and study skills. Services for free basic skills instruction are provided by the Adult Education Program which houses a complete learning center. Tutorial services are available to all students on campus as well as services for students with special needs through the Student Enrichment Center.
  4. The Community Education program at the UNM-Valencia Campus offers a variety of non-credit courses to individuals in the community who are interested in learning in an informal, non-competitive environment. Customized workshops, seminars, and other programs can be developed in response to special community needs. Continuing Education Units (CEUS) may be applied for through this program.
  5. The Small Business Development program, established as a service to the county's small businesses, provides individual counseling, training workshops, and seminars (developed in conjunction with the community education program and area economic development groups), a resource center with books and computer data-bases, and a referral service for professional support. This program also offers certification to businesses and individuals upon completion of entrepreneurship courses

Operating Agreement & Funding

UNM-Valencia Campus was established under the provisions of the Branch College Act, New Mexico -Statutes 1978, implemented in an operating agreement between the UNM-Valencia Campus Advisory Board and the Regents of the University of New Mexico. An elected body of five representatives, the Advisory Board approves the Valencia Campus' annual budget and calls elections for local tax levies and capital outlay general obligation bonds on behalf of UNM-Valencia Campus.

The University of New Mexico retains administrative and academic control of UNM-Valencia Campus. The Director of the Valencia Campus reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs at UNM.

Funding for the University of New Mexico-Valencia Campus is derived from direct State appropriations, tax levies, special grants, and student tuition and fees.


Role and Function of UNM Branch Colleges

The University has established branch colleges to serve the citizens of New Mexico more fully and to provide the highest quality of education for students pursuing post-secondary education at different locations throughout the state. Branch colleges respond specifically to the unique needs and multicultural backgrounds of their respective communities by offering community education programs; career education, including certificate and associate degree programs; and transfer programs that prepare students for upper division entry into colleges and universities.

Branch colleges utilize many resources in their service districts and therefore function as integral parts of their surrounding communities. They are thoroughly committed to assisting in the economic development of their service areas.

The branch campuses of the University of New Mexico are considered fully integrated component colleges. They are committed to serving the needs of their respective communities in the manner of a comprehensive community college, offering a variety of academic, career, and community service programs. The branch colleges pledge themselves to protect the quality and integrity of all academic curricula, and the main campus pledges its resources, whenever appropriate and practical, to the fulfillment of the varied missions of the branches. UNM's Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs has responsibility for establishing policies and procedures relative to all branch operations.