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Online and Hybrid Course Information

Many courses taught at Valencia Campus are also offered as a hybrid or online:

Hybrid courses are listed in the catalog to meet one day a week. Your class will actually meet in person the day listed in the schedule. Students will be required to study on their own the remainder of the week. The instructor of record will inform students what days to meet in class.

Online courses are listed in the catalog as ARR meaning the student will access all pertinent course material online via WebCT or via e-mail.

Whether you signed up for online or hybrid course, you will need to have a UNM email address. Your instructor will contact you via your unm e-mail address with information regarding your class. You will also log into WebCT with your UNM ID and password to access your hybrid and online course materials.

In WebCT you will be able to access your course syllabi, assignments, calendar, tests and much more.

Check Course Schedule to verify what type course you registered for:

If ARR is listed under "Meeting Days" your class is arranged or online.

If Hybrid is listed after the "Section Number" your class meets one day a week.