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  • Petty cash transactions will be limited to reimbursements and advances only.
  • Only one (1) account number can be used on petty cash.
  • The following Petty Cash purchasing procedures must be complied with for all transactions allowed through Petty Cash:
1. Purchase must be "allowable" under definition of the University Business Policy and Procedures manual. Click here to find more information on Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures.

2. Expenditures cannot exceed $100 per day/per vendor.

    a) Only extreme, unavoidable expenditures in excess of $100 will be processed only if pre-approved.

    b) Incremental purchasing, splitting one large purchase into several small purchases is prohibited.

    c) Expenditures exceeding the $100 per day/per vendor policy must be pre-approved

    d) Only the Associate Director of Business Operations and the Business Manager can give approval for exceeding the limit.

3. An advance cannot exceed $100 per individual at any one time. Transaction must be completed and submitted to the Cashier's office within two (2) working days.

4. Payment for outside services are not authorized for payment through Petty Cash.

  • Outside services defined as vendor who physically comes on campus to provide his/her service.
5. Travel related expenses are not allowed.
  • Parking fees reimbursement requests should be made on Travel Vouchers.
6. Sales tax paid on purchases will not be reimbursed.

7. Itemized cash register receipt or invoice is required. Click here to see an example of a non-acceptable receipt.

  • Must clearly reflect the vendor’s name and address.
  • Must clearly reflect the items purchased.
  • Must not contain alterations i.e., white out, marks, etc.
8. Purchases of food items is prohibited except with prior approval from the Associate Director of Business Operations or Business Manager.
    • The individual receiving the advance or reimbursement cannot be the same person approving the expenditure.
9. The Petty Cash form should be thoroughly prepared, including:
a) Description and Purpose

b) Vendor

c) Account Number

d) Authorization

Click here to see sample petty cash forms:  [Sample 1]    [Sample2]

    • Only individuals pre-approved in writing by the department head will be allowed to authorize petty cash purchases.
    • Grant account expenditures must be pre-approved by the Business Representative.
    Please be aware that the staff in the Cashier's Office may refuse reimbursement or advances pending further clarification or approval by appropriate Business and Finance staff.

    As you would expect, this process will require more time to complete payment, therefore, you are encouraged to plan ahead for those items that have a deadline for payment.

Call 5-8505 for questions and/or information.

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