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 Purchase Requisitions

The Purchase Requisition is used to request the purchase of goods and services from off campus providers by the Purchasing Department and from on campus providers directly.

All orders are place by Julie Roberts. All others placing orders must be pre-approved by Julie Roberts.

All Purchase Requisitions must be routed to Julie Roberts for processing.

All purchase requisitions MUST be typed.

Contact Julie Roberts for all purchases over $5,000 for specific processing information.

Attach all "original" documentation. i.e. order forms, registration forms, quotes, statements, etc.

Contract & Grant Purchases- All contract and grant purchases must be pre-approved by Shelley Rodgers, Julie Roberts.

Computer Related Purchases-All computer hardware and computer software must be pre-approved by Computer Support Services.

The Purchase Requisition should never be used as a Purchase Order itself and given to an off campus vendor.

If a sole source or sole brand purchase is requested, a written justification should be attached to the Purchase requisition.

All purchases should adhere to all regulations in the University Policies and Procedures Manual.

A listing of current subcodes and listing of Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures.

Download Purchase Requisition Form
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader


   Sample Notes
   (See attached sample Purchase Requisition)

  • Suggested Vendor: Name, address, phone number and fax number (if available). Federal ID or S/S#
  • Ship To: Shipping Address
  • Org No.: The Valencia Campus organizational code is 10720.
  • Date: The date which the purchase requisition is typed.
  • Department Name
  • User Contact: Name of person for who the order is being placed.
  • Ext.: Phone number of user contact.
  • Account number(s) to be charged.
  • Dollar amount
  • No.: Line no.
  • Quantity
  • Unit: i.e., bx, ea, pkg.
  • Description: Provide a detailed description of items to be purchased including items such as ISBN, catalog no., product no, etc.
  • Unit Price
  • Extension: Unit price x quantity.
  • Purpose: Please type the purpose for items being purchased. Please be specific. For example: Purchase a sign to promote or publicize summer classes offered by Community Education.
  • Signature: Authorized departmental signature for the account number to be charged.
  • Signature Name (Typed).
  • Estimated Cost: Bring down total cost of purchase.
  • Special Instruction(s): Please list any special instructions/directions you might have.

Master "Open" Purchase Order-

  • If a department uses a vendor more that 4 times in a fiscal year a master purchase order is recommended.
  • For additional information and specific instructions call 5-8505.

Small Purchase Orders (SPO)-

  • SPO’s can be used on orders or purchases under $1,000 to most outside vendors.
  • SPO numbers should be requested from Julie Roberts at 5-8506. Please have estimated amount and vendor information ready.

Check Requests-

  • The use of a check request is determined by Julie Roberts after an approved Purchase Requisition is received.
  • For additional information contact Julie Roberts at 5-8506.

Journal Entries-

All journal entries should be submitted to Melissa Nash for processing. Journal entries must have complete account no., dollar amount, calculation, signature, date, purpose of correction and Banner backup of original transaction. Journal entry should be in debit/credit format and written on Banner backup. For example:

Dr. Director of Instruction-Materials & Services  1-71111-3100                 $254.00
Cr. Business & Finance-Materials & Services      1-71311-3100                 $254.00

To transfer Jan 99 duplicating costs due to key punch error.

Jane Doe  Jan. 15, 1999

For specific information on Journal Entries call 5-8523

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