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Collection Agencies

Monthly statements of accounts are not mailed to active students. Statements can be viewed in LoboWeb by accessing the UNM Account Suite. Students should view their account on a monthly basis, even after it has a zero balance.

Statements of accounts will be mailed to inactive students with account balances using the most current address shown in the student's records. Failure to receive a statement of account does not relieve the student of the responsibility for payment.

If payments or arrangements are not made on a timely basis, the account may be placed with a collection agency. This will result in a collection fee that is added to the account.

Should it be necessary for an outside agency to effect a collection, reasonable collection costs of at least 30 percent of the delinquent amount will be added to the amount due and shall be paid by the debtor.

If UNM obtains judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction, the debtor shall be liable for the collection agency fee as well as reasonable court costs and attorney’s fees.


Financial Holds

No transcripts or other information relating to any student records at the University shall be released or delivered to the student or on behalf of the student until all debts to the University and all of its affiliates, including collection agencies, have been paid.

Students have the right to inspect and review educational records to the extent that such right is granted by applicable laws and regulations.


Registration Sanction

No student shall register at UNM until she/he has paid ALL past due charges.


Service Charge on Delinquent Accounts

A service charge is assessed on a student’s past due account balance. An account is considered past due if the billed amount is not paid by the next billing date.


Withholding Services

Students who have delinquent accounts are denied privileges and services available to students enrolled in the University and in good financial standing. Students with delinquent accounts are subject to sanctions that withhold:
1) Future registrations;
2) Readmission;
3) Transcripts;
4) Installment payment participation;
5) Future parking and library privileges.

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