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  Financial Aid Program and Disbursements  

Financial aid disbursement starts on the first day of classes. Student charges for any services, sales or fines are collected and deducted from the first source of financial aid (grants, scholarships or loans) even if due date is later than aid release date.

Students not  registered full-time prior to receiving aid must have the Financial Aid Office adjust their hours to be eligible for aid. If tuition has been deferred based on financial aid and the student decides not to attend UNM, he/she must officially withdraw prior to the end of the semester’s refund period. (See Schedule of Classes for deadlines.)

Students who will be receiving funds from external scholarships will not have those funds automatically credited to their accounts. Funds are credited only after Financial Aid has processed these external scholarships with the Cashier’s Office. Please submit required documentation to the Financial Aid Office. Any refund check of excess funds, and/or replacement check, will be available once all transactions have been completed.

Any student who receives financial aid and subsequently withdraws from school during the semester may owe a refund on that financial aid. If a student maintains a balance due, he/she is no longer eligible to receive financial aid until the account is cleared. Students considering withdrawal should contact the Financial Aid Office concerning the withdrawals during the tuition refund period. Any refund for which the student is eligible is refunded to the financial aid program.

Financial Aid Check Disbursement

All financial disbursements are processed at the UNM Bursar's Office in Albuquerque. Students may receive their disbusrsements by direct deposit to a bank account of their choice (checking or savings), or by mail. See the Cashier's Office for instructions on setting up a direct deposit.

It is imperative that students keep their personal information current, whether choosing direct deposit or mail. Failure to do so could substantially delay the receipt of their disbursement. Students can update their personal information in Demographic Self-Service (DSS) at the home page of my.unm.edu. Bank information can be accessed through LoboWeb and the Student's UNM Account Suite.

During the first few weeks of each semester, the Bursar's Office concentrates on getting financial aid disbursements processed first. If a student has another type of refund due during this period (i.e. book refund, tuition refund, etc.), they should contact the Cashier's Office in person or by phone (925-8520) and ask them to expedite their refund.

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