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Tuition Refund Policy

For 3 week (or less) courses:
First day of classes... 100%
After first day of classes... No Refund

Longer than 3-up to 6 week courses:
Friday of the first week of classes... 100%
After Friday of the first week of classes... No Refund

Longer than 6-up to 9 week courses:
Friday of the second week of classes... 100%
After Friday of the second week of classes... No Refund

Longer than 9 week courses:
Friday of the third week of classes... 100%
After Friday of the third week of classes... No Refund

All tuition and special course fee charge adjustments are based on the date of the official drop, withdrawal, or disenrollment. To receive consideration for a refund of paid tuition and fees, students must go to the Student Services Center and complete drop procedures for their courses.

All financial disbursements are processed at the UNM Bursar’s Office in Albuquerque.  Students may receive their disbursements by direct deposit to a bank account of their choice (checking or savings), or by mail.  See the Cashier’s Office for instructions on setting up a direct deposit.

It is imperative that students keep their personal information current, whether choosing direct deposit or mail.  Failure to do so could substantially delay the receipt of their disbursement.  Students can update their personal information in Demographic Self-Service (DSS) at the home page of my.unm.edu.  Bank information can be accessed through LoboWeb and the student’s UNM Account Suite.

During the first few weeks of each semester, the Bursar’s Office concentrates on getting financial aid disbursements processed first.  If a student has another type of refund due during this period (i.e. book refund, tuition refund, etc.), they should contact the Cashier’s Office in person or by phone (925-8520) and ask them to expedite their refund.

Mastercard/Visa card refunds are credited to the charge card.


Tuition Payment Policies

Students who have a balance of $200.00 or more and have not made financial arrangements (i.e. financial aid, payment plan, or payment in full) may have their enrollment cancelled the first week of the semester. If a student's enrollment is cancelled and they want to re-enroll, they must first go to the Cashier's Office to discuss payment arrangements. Students enrolling in classes after the start of the semester may be subject to enrollment cancellation also.


Payment by Mail

Mail your check or money order directly to:

UNM–Valencia Campus
Cashier's Office
280 La Entrada
Los Lunas, NM 87031


Tuition Installment Plan

Payment of tuition and fees may be deferred under the University’s Installment Plan.  The student must have a minimum balance of $100.00 to use the Installment Plan.

Students set up their installment plan online through LoboWeb and the student’s UNM Account Suite.  They must have access to a debit, credit card, or bank account in order to pay the set-up fee and down payment at the time the installment plan is set up.  If the student does not have access to a debit, credit card, or bank account they may contact the Valencia Cashier’s Office for assistance at 925-8520.

During the fall and spring semesters, two to five payments are available to the student.  Only two payments are available during the summer semester.  The more payments the student chooses, the higher the set-up fee will be.  Each payment costs the student $10.00 in set-up fees, so the minimum set-up fee will be $20.00 and the maximum $50.00.  The first payment is considered the down payment and includes the set-up fee. 

At the Valencia Campus, students who use the installment plan to pay their tuition may also use it to purchase their books at the Valencia Bookstore.  Contact the Valencia Cashier’s Office for details.


Insufficient Funds Fee

UNM–Valencia Campus charges a returned check fee of $15 for each payment returned by the bank unpaid.


Senior Citizen Students


Do I qualify for the senior citizen reduced tuition rate of $5.00 per credit hour?

  1. Will you be 65 or older on the 21st day from the start of the semester?
  2. Are you a New Mexico resident?
  3. Are you registering for six (6) or fewer credit hours?
  4. Are you registering on or after the first day of the semester?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then you qualify for the senior citizen discount of $5.00 per credit hour.  You are also responsible for any additional course fees.

As a current semester student at UNM, you will not receive a statement of account through the mail.  All statements for current semester students are available through LoboWeb.  Please speak with a Student Services representative for information on how to access LoboWeb.

Remember . . .

Do not register before the first day of the semester

Do not register for more than six (6) hours

If you do either of the above, you will be charged at the full tuition rate.

What if I am unable to attend the class in which I enroll?

If you are unable to attend the class in which you enroll, you must officially drop the class at the Registration Office or through LoboWeb.

Do not ask your instructor to drop you.

In order to receive a refund, the class must be dropped by the refund date shown in the class schedule.  The refund date varies according to the length of the class.

We value our senior citizen students and want your attendance at UNM Valencia to be a wonderful experience.  If you have any questions, please call the UNM Valencia Campus Cashier’s Office at 925-8520.


Third-Party Sponsored Students

If a student’s tuition and fees are being paid by a third party, the Cashier’s Office must be in receipt of an approved billing authorization letter or award.

To avoid late fees, students must insure that a third party sponsor provides the Cashier’s Office with approved billing authorization before the start of the semester.

All prior charges from previous semesters must be paid.

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