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Valencia Campus Parking Permits


The UNM-Valencia Campus Police Office would like to remind you of the Policies regarding Parking on Campus:

  Parking policies are strictly enforced!

Valencia Campus parking stickers must be displayed on all student, staff, and faculty vehicles.

These stickers are available free of charge (first sticker only on each vehicle ) upon completion of a vehicle registration form on the Valencia Campus Police web site online form below.

Note: Bumper sticker parking permits are no longer valid. Please register for a new parking permit. The replacement parking sticker is free.

Replacement of the new Parking Permits will be a $5.00 charge. Upon completion of a Valencia Campus vehicle registration form below, please visit the cashiers office for payment and bring proof of payment to the Valencia Police office to pick up your parking permit.

Handicapped parking should be used only by handicapped persons whose vehicles display the required special license, sticker, or decal. Violators will be cited and/or booted.    (a boot is a device put on the wheel of a car that prevents it from being driven)

No student parking is allowed along curbs at the college entrance or in any posted or visitor areas. You may be dropped off at the curb; however someone picking you up may not wait there, they can wait in visitor parking..

Violation of the Parking Policy could result in a boot being placed on your vehicle. Removal of the boot is $75.00


Permit numbers must be visible.

In order to assist you with jump starting or unlocking your vehicle you must have a valid permit on file.

Make sure your doors are locked and any valuables are secured in your trunk when you leave your vehicle. UNM-Valencia is not responsible for theft, damage, vandalism, or other loss to your vehicle.

For your safety the campus parking lots are patrolled and are under surveillance 24 hours a day - 7 days a week..

Parking violators will be cited. Penalties are $10.00 per infraction. Failure to pay fines could result in your vehicle being booted and could result in administrative sanctions.

To appeal a citation please download and fill out the Valencia Campus Parking Violation Appeal form. Note: Appeal form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you do not already have it installed on your computer click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Replacement Fee for Lost Permits is $5.00

Vehicles left on campus after evening classes must have prior approval from the Valencia Police Office. No Exceptions.

UNM-VC parking permits are not valid on UNM main campus.

If you are in need of security please call: 925-8570 or from campus phone 5-8570 . Or you may contact us at: valsec@unm.edu We are located in the Student Center on the SW corner, across from the cafeteria.

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