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Lobo ID cards for Students, Faculty and Staff are issued free of charge at the Library. The ID card is required for all Students, Faculty and Staff to check out material in the Library. It is also beneficial as another form of government-issued photo ID. 

To get a new Lobo ID Card:
Bring a government-issued form of photo identification with you, such as your driver's license, passport, or military ID.  It must have a picture of you along with your name.

Please have your UNM ID number when you come in!

PLEASE NOTE -- The last name on the government-issued ID presented at the Library MUST match, or contain (as in hyphenated names) the name in the official record. The Library cannot make any changes to names. Name changes must be generated by the Valencia Campus Registrar’s Office with the proper form:

.Current Fees:

1st replacement


2nd & subsequent replacements


Damage Fee/Name Changes


Name Tags / Badges


Stolen ID Cards

Replacement Fees Apply

Fees must be paid and a copy of the receipt must be given to the Library to receive  your replacement card.
       ·  To pay fees with cash or check, visit the cashier’s office.
       ·  To pay fees with a credit or debit card, you must go online to the UNM Valencia Marketplace at:


Damaged Cards:
Damaged cards will be replaced with a  $10 damage fee.  An active card that no longer functions due to normal wear and tear may be swapped out with no charge at the discretion of the Library.

To ensure proper card function (and avoid the damage fee):

  • Do protect your card from excessive heat.
  • Do protect your card from becoming demagnetized by avoiding contact with
    cell phones, TVs, speakers, microwaves, and other portable electronic devices.
  • Don't bend, fold, or otherwise mutilate your card; this means don't carry it in your back pocket.
  • Don't let pets or children chew on your card.
  • Don't use your card as an ice scraper or lock pick.
  • Don't punch holes in your card.