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Find Books, Ebooks, DVDs, Articles, & More using LIBROS:

Find Books and E-books using LIBROS:

Find Articles using LIBROS:

Find Movies

Search for all movies using LIBROS (includes Films on Demand).
Use the format button in left column of search results to limit to DVD, VHS, or other.

Find Materials on Reseve at the Libray

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The Research Process

  1. Choose your topic.
  2. Create your search strategy.
  3. Search for resources.
  4. Evaluate.
  5. Search again and evaluate.
  6. Use the information for your paper.

Class Resources


Resources for Public Speaking


1. Choose your topic.


Suggested Resources


2. Brainstorm on this topic.

Create a model for your topic.

Identify where you will need information or visuals.

conceptmap2 (68K)


  • Use W Questions.
  • Use Biographical Questions
  • Use a concept mapper.
  • See Searchpath Module 2 for help exploring a topic.


    3. Create a search statement.

  • Use important words or phrases from the concept map.
  • Connect words and phrases with correct Boolean logic (and, or, not).
  • Put phrases in quotation marks "".
  • Use truncation * for work endings.
  • Use variant spellings (theater or theatre).
  • For people search both "Last name, first name" or "First name Last Name".
  • See Searching tips.
  • Practice tutorials from Northwestern Missouri State Owens Library are listed below:
  • venndiagram (51K)


    4. Search for Information and Visuals.



    librosvalencia (17K)

    Use a catalog.

    Use LIBROS with these search tips.

    Other catalogs


    databasestext (Small) (10K)

    Use a database.

    Choose a database and use these search tips.
  • Use the Advanced Search feature.
  • Use a separate line for each concept map idea or cut/paste your search statement into one line.
  • Connect keywords with Boolean logic.
  • See the Searching Tips for additional help.
  • Limit to full text.
  • Limit to scholarly, peer reviewed
  • See Searchpath Module 4 for help using databases.
  • For info on authors, try one of these databases:
  • For info from newspapers, try one of these databases:
  • For "pros or cons" topics, try one of these databases:
  • For "any" topic, try one of these "ALL PURPOSE" databases:
  • The complete list is on All Databases.
  • A selected list by subject is at Databases by Subject.
  • Web info

    j0410477 (14K)

    Use a search engine.

    Choose a search engine and use these tips.
  • Use an Advanced Search feature.
  • Use truncation.
  • Limit by domain name.
  • See the Searching Tips for additional help.
  • See Searchpath Module 5 for help with searching the web.



    graph chart graph


    From the Library

    Create account for off-campus access
    Cinema Image Gallery
    4 simultaneous users only
    Credo Reference
    MAS Ultra Edition
    A to Z maps online
    Films on Demand
    Create account for playlist, off campus access.
    Embed link (on campus)
    Create link to video
    Collections from other libraries
    American Memoryby the Library of Congress
    NYPL Digital Gallery
    Other finding aids
    Finding images on the Web from Boston College.
    Find video and audio from UC Berkeley
    Images Guides
    Free educational videos
    Find Digital Media from Unversity of Illinois
    Film Studies or Popular Culture from Yale

    From the Internet

    Embed link
    Download and convert format
    Search engines
    Yahoo Video
    Video producers
    National Geographic
    CNN or other local statations (KRQE TV, KOB TVK , KOAT TV
    10 most popular video sites

    Other issues

    Copyright Tutorial
    Copyright and public domain
    Downloading and inserting images
    Visual Alternatives to PowerPoint
    Comic Creater
    Pearl Trees
    Other interesting image manipulators
    Big Huge Labs
    Blabberize It
    Presentation info and infographics


    5. Evaluate results.

    hand writing


    Use Evaluating Webpages or the Evaluation Form for help.
    Look at for info on reading a journal article.


    6. Use your sources.

    j0324590 (17K)



    PowerPoint Tips

    Grab viewers' attention
    Select or create your own theme.
    Use graphics to emphasize key points.
    Use animations and transitions wisely.
    Use masters and layouts to save time and help get better results.
    Make consistent style changes on all slides using the slide master
    Clearly communicate your information
    Use video and audio to convey your message more effectively.
    Start by outlining your presentation.
    Consider differences between print and on-screen presentations.
    Use notes pages and handouts to help deliver the story.
    Stay in control of your presentation
    Keep file size manageable.
    Use the tools available to get it right the first time.
    Know exactly what your viewers will see.
    See also for more tips.
    j0324588 (15K)

    Additional tips


    Is it cited properly?

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