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Choosing your topic

  1. Choose an idea that interests you.
  2. Choose an idea that meets the requirements of the assignment.
  3. Choose an idea that can be researched (some interesting topics are too obscure or too recent).
  4. Choose an idea that is the right size for the assignment.
    • Check your syllabus for both requirements and possible topics.
    • For ideas, use information from your textbook essays.
    • For ideas, go to one of these databases and browse by topic:
      • Facts.Com
        Click on "More Research Topics" in lower left corner.
        Points of View Reference Center
        Click on "View All Topics" tab in center of page.
        Click on "Choose a Topic" in Research Guide box in upper right corner.
        CQ Researcher
        In left column click on "Browse by Topic" or "Pro/Con."
    • For ideas, think about the answers to the following questions.
      • What is your major? What aspects of your major interest you?
      • What hobbies or special interests do you have?
      • Is there topic that you think your classmates should know about?
      • What topics have been in the news lately that interest you?
        Browse through newspapers in the library or online to learn about current events.
    • If none of the above work, checkout the following web sites.
  1. Brainstorm about your topic.
Use a concept map.
Northwest Missouri State's concept mapper. Watch video.
Spinscape(requires free account)
Bubbl.Us(requires free account)
Mind42(requires free account)
Shamble Mindmapping/Conceptmaping source page
conceptmap1 (145K)
Answer the "W" questions.
j0236240 (5K)
Use the cubing technique.

  1. For additional help see Search Path Module 2.