UNM Valencia Valencia Campus Library

Creating a Search Strategy

  1. Identify the type of resources you need to complete the assignment.
    • Are web sites allowed? Ask instructor for definition.
    • Journal articles retrieved from Library databases on web are not usually defined as web sites.
    • E-books from LIBROS or in a Library database are not ususally defined as web sites.
    • Is Wikipedia allowed? For background information? Not as work cited?
    • Are newspapers allowed?
    • Do articles need to be scholarly, peer reviewed?
    • Is the image or video copyrighted?
    • How many items do you need?
  2. Identify the tool(s) used to find that type of resource.
    • Library catalog
    • Database index to for periodical articles
    • Multiple source database on specific topic
    • Search engine
    • Web site with database
  3. Create an appropriate search strategy for the tool.
    • Known information such as author or title of book.
      Twain, Mark
      Scarlet Letter
      Short search statement with one or two very important keywords from concept map.
      New Mexico history
      Abraham Lincoln
      Long search statement with multiple keywords from concept map connected by Boolean logic.
      Abortion and (teen* or adolescent*) and "birth contol"
      Internet and privacy and student*
Type of Resources Finding Tools Search Strategies
Digitized Libraries
Library Catalog
LIBROS (Valencia Campus items)
WorldCat (Items anywhere else)
Catalog for the specific collection
  • Known (author, title)
  • Short (keyword, subject)
  • For more info on searching LIBROS, see Searchpath Module 3
LIBROS for one in VC Library
Library's online reference database
LIBROS for one in VC Library
Library's online reference database
from print periodicals
from online periodicals
scholarly or popular
Library Online Database
index to periodicals
online journal collections
subject databases
  • Long (keyword, subjects, fulltext of articles)
  • For more info on searching for articles, see Searchpath Module 4
  • Limited print in Library
  • Full text in Library Online Databases
  • Subject indexes in Library Online Database
Library Databases
Academic Serach Complete (limited)
Search engines (use section for imagage).
Specific collections
Films, movies, DVDs
10 most popular video sites.
Search engines like Truveo or Blinkx.
Web pages Search engines
Metasearch engines
Subject directories