39785 Math 180 016 Elements of Calc I, Fall 2010, WebCT.



Instructor: Dimiter Vassilev                Lecture time and place: MWF 0900-0950 ECON 1002                    


Office:  Humanities Bldg, Office 447 or drop-in anytime if you have a quick question


Email: vassilev@unm.edu


Office Hours: MF 10:00-11:00; W 15:00-16:00         Phone Number: 505 277 2136



Calculator: Not required. Graphing Calculators are NOT allowed on any in-class exam.


Text: Applied Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences, 8th Edition

Please note the following guidelines for the course:

Grades: Your grade will be based on your performance on the following assignments and exams.  I will give short in-class quizzes and WebCT based homework assignments that will contribute to your grade.  To receive a C grade for this course you must have a passing grade on the core final exam and a passing grade overall.  Your grades throughout the semester will be posted on WebCT.



Quizzes/ Homework


3 in-class tests points


 Final Exam                                                                              


 Total  points




Quizzes/ Homework:  There will be one in-class quiz  every week.  Besides the in-class quizzes there will be weekly homework posted on WebCT.  You can attempt the WebCT homework as many times as you want. The highest score among all attempts of the homework will count. Please note that the homework will close at 10pm on the day before the next class meets. This means that: 1) if you start the test at 9:50pm you will have only 10 minutes to finish the homework; 2) if Monday is a holiday the homework will close on Tuesday at 10pm.

To help the grader, please write your quiz solutions neatly and clearly (no points for work that the reader cannot follow- this is true for exams), and box your answers. Note that you will lose points if your work is inconsistent with your answer. An incorrect answer consistent with your work is worth more than a correct number, which is inconsistent with your work.

The syllabus lists also recommended homework problems.  These are NOT to be handed in. Keep all of your homework together in a folder so that if you are having trouble in the course, you can bring it with you when you go to see your instructor or get tutoring.  The problems used on exams and quizzes are based on these homework problems.  Work as many as it takes for you to understand the material. 


Attendance is mandatory, and if you have three or more unexcused absences, you may be dropped from the course.  NOTE: it is YOUR responsibility to drop the course if you decide to stop attending.  The syllabus contains bold-print notices that give the deadlines for dropping the course or making other changes.


Calculators:  Graphing Calculators are NOT allowed on any in-class exam.  


Missed Exams/ Quizzes/ Homework: If you miss an exam, contact your instructor immediately and provide a note (hardcopy or email) explaining your reason.  Provide enough detail so that the instructor can check your excuse.  Make-up tests will only be given if your excuse is valid.  “I wasn’t ready for it” is not a valid excuse.  Be aware that make-up exams are more difficult than the original exam.  No exam scores will be dropped.  The lowest four quizzes and the lowest four homework will be dropped.  Due to this policy there will be no make-up quizzes or homework unless you have a valid prolonged absence.


Student Behavior: Students are expected to behave in a courteous and respectful manner towards the instructor and their fellow students.  Please be on time for your lectures, turn off your cell-phone and refrain from talking or doing any other activity that could be disruptive to the class. If you need to leave the class early, inform your instructor before the lecture starts.


Disability Statement: We will accommodate students with documented disabilities. During the first two weeks of the semester, those students should inform the instructor of their particular needs and they should also contact Accessibility Services in Mesa Vista Hall, Room 2021, phone 277-3506.  In addition, they should see CATS- Counseling and Therapy Services; Student Health Center (277-4537). (They can help if you suffer from exam anxiety).    


For the most current information about syllabi, calculator tutorials, and practice problems for exams, please check our my web site http://www.math.unm.edu/~vassilev/



Math 180 Syllabus (tentative) – Fall 2010. Please note that advanced posting of the schedule and homework could change.



Section Suggested problems -  not to be turned-in (only odd problems, unless otherwise stated)                                                                                                                   

Homework on  WebCT




1. Aug. 23                     

1.1                                         33-53,63-73,81-95,105-115,127-137



1.2                                         3,5,9-21,25-35,47-51,55





2. Aug. 30

1.4                                         13-27,33,35,43,47,51-57,69,73



2.1                                 2.1/3-11,15-35,41-49,61,65,69-73



2.2 & 2.3                    2.2/19,23-39,43-51,57,63-67






3. Sep. 6

                Labor Day, Monday, Sep 6



2.4                                   1-19,29-39,49-61,73-85         

2.5                                   1-27,33,35,39-43,47-51,57,59              

Quiz 1  



2.6                                         1-7,11-15,19-33,39-45



                Last day to drop without a grade: Friday, Sep 10





4. Sep. 13




Test 1 – Wednesday, September 15



3.1                                         1-35,41-47,51-65             



Last day to change grading options: Friday, Sep 17


5. Sep. 20

3.2                                         1-25,31,35-59     



3.3                                         1-45,49,51,55,57,61,65-73,77,83



3.4                                         3,5,9,10,11,12





6. Sep. 27




3.5                                         3-19,29-37



3.6                                         3-27,31,33,39,41,49,55,59





7. Oct. 4







Test 2 – Friday, October 8





8. Oct. 11

3.7                                         1-17



4.1                                         1-7,11-27,31-41,45-57,63-67,71-77



                Fall Break, Oct 14 – 15





9. Oct. 18

4.2                                         1-5,11-37,43-49,55-67,71-81,85,89



4.3                                         3,7-25,29-41,45,49-53,61,63








10. Oct. 25

4.4                                         9-25,33,41-49,59,69



4.5                                         1-11,15-21,25,27,30,31





11. Nov. 1




5.1                                         5-35



5.2                                         1-43,49-55





12. Nov. 8

5.3                                         7-21,25,39-45



5.4                                         1-47,51,53,59,61,62,63,66,67



5.5                                         1-35,41,45,47,51-61,65,67,71



Last day to withdraw without the Dean’s approval: Friday, Nov 12 (WP/WF required)





13. Nov. 15

Test 3 – Monday, November 15



6.1                                         1-43,49-59,65-71,75-81



6.2                                         3-13,17-29,33-39,43,45,55,57,61





14. Nov. 22







                Thanksgiving Holiday, Nov 25 – 28





15. Nov. 29

6.3                                         1,5-9,13,15



6.4                                         3-41,47,49



6.5                                         1-21,29,33,37-45,58


16. Dec. 6




Last day to withdraw with the Dean's approval: Friday, Dec 10





Dec. 13 -18, Finals week

Final Exam: Monday, Dec 13, 7:30  9:30 am, room – the usual class room ECON 1002