MATH321-001 32505 Linear Algebra

Time TTh 1400-1515, Location DSH-228


Instructor: Dimiter Vassilev     Office :  SMLC, Office 326  Email:  Phone Number: 505 277 2136


Office Hours: Tuesday 9:30-10:30 & Thursday 4:30-5:30pm. Feel free to stop-by anytime when you have a quick question.


Homework: Quick link to the Homework.

Textbook: Linear Algebra done wrong, S. Treil. We will cover most of Chapters 1-6 and parts of Chapters 7-9.

Other texts:

Catalog Description: Linear transformations, matrices, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, inner product spaces. Prerequisite: C in 264.

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FINAL EXAM: Tuesday, May 7, 10:00 a.m.‐12:00 p.m. Students having conflicts with this exam schedule must notify the
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HOMEWORK: Homework related material including solutions of some problems will be posted on UNMLearn. The general rule is that homework assigned in one week is due at the beginning of the Tuesday or the first class of the following week. No late homework will be accepted. You have to turn in the solutions of the homeowork problems in the same order and number as they appear on the pdf version of the assignment posted on UNMLearn. Not all homework problems will be graded. You will get a credit of 4 points on each homework assignment as long as you turn in the wording of all problems written in the correct order. The remaining 16 points will be awarded based on your solutions of selected 4-6 problems.

Class Week


Topics and Section


Homework (dthe 1st class of

the following week)

1. Jan 14

1.1-1.2 Vector spaces - linear combinations, bases.


2. Jan 21

1.2 More on bases; 1.3 - 1.5 Linear transformations - matrix representations using bases,

composition of linear transformations and multiplication of matrices.


3. Jan 28

vector space structure, trace of a matrix. Complex vector spaces, real vs. complex linear maps in the plane.


4. Feb 4

1.6 Linear isomorphisms/ invertible maps. Dimension of a finite dimensional vector space.


5. Feb 11

1.7 Linear subspaces - rank and nullity of a linear map. The rank-nullity theorem. Sums and direct sums

of sub-spaces. Dimension of a sum of subspaces.


6. Feb 18

Feb. 19: snow day. Product of vector spaces. Quotient spaces.


7. Feb 25

Exam 1 on Tuesday Feb. 26. Solutions for Exam 1. Basis and dimension of quotient spaces.

8. March 4

2.2 Echelon and reduced echelon forms. Solving a linear system.

2.3 & 2.7 (finding) basis and dimension of the null space.

HW7 (due March 19)

9. March 11

March 10-17 Spring Break

10. March 18

2.7 Column space = range; (finding) basis and dimension of the column space. Row space and R(A^t).

Finding bases of the four fundamental spaces.


11. March 25 LU decomposition; 2.4 computing A^{-1}. 2.8 Change of coordinates.HW9:

12. Apr 1

Dual vector space-dimension and basis, space of multilinear functions,

skew-symmetric and symmetric forms; space of top (skew-symmetric) forms; permutations; the determinant.


13. Apr 8


Computing the determinant of a matrix using row/column operations. Co-factor expansion,

computing the inverse using the adjugate (Cramer's rule)


14. Apr 15

Eigenvectors and eigenvalues of a linear operator. Characteristic polynomial. Diagonalizable operators.

Inner product (real and complex) vector spaces - norm, the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality, orthogonality, orthonormal

set, coordinates in an orthonormal basis.

Exam 2 on Thursday April 18.


15. Apr 22

The Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization. Orthogonal projections - orthogonal complement, distance

minimizing properties, Bessel's inequality. The Riesz representation theorem.


16. Apr 29

Adjoint operator. Self-adjoint operators, the spectral theorem for self-adjoint operators on a real

inner product space. Self-adjoint operaors on complex and real inner product spaces - orthogonality

of the ditinct eigenspaces and properties of the spectrum.

No homework.

Tuesday May 7

Final Exam 10:00 a.m.‐12:00 p.m. in the usual room, double check with the Official Schedule