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Student Success Stories
Student Success Stories
Steven Gomez was our guest speaker for the 2004 GED graduation. He first started his studies at the Adult Education Center and we found that he is clearly a bright and motivated young man. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get there.

Steven is a life-long resident of Valencia County and when his name is mentioned, people of Valencia County speak well of him. At the age of 17, he passed the GED exam, earning him a high school diploma, and received a GED Scholarship from the Student Government of UNM-Valencia Campus. This was but a stepping-stone for Steven who continued with his studies and has earned his Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration in May of 2004. During his college career he earned numerous scholarships and served as a member of the All-State USA Today Academic Team. He is currently a licensed realtor in Valencia County.

Recently, Steven earned his real estate brokers license, is a member of the Realtors Association and is working with Vaughn Company Realtors here in Valencia County. Steven’s next educational goal is a bachelor’s degree in finance at Anderson School of Management.

LouDell Baldonado is a member of the 2002 GED graduation class. Her participation in the program has been inspiring to other students and faculty. LouDell is always a vocal member of the classroom and is willing to offer suggestions of how the Adult Education Center can better meet the needs of the students. Though she is very involved with her children and their extra-curricular activities, LouDell is gracious enough to serve on our Advisory Board. She also studies at Valencia Campus and plans to receive her Associates Degree in Elementary Education in the spring of 2005. She loves children and wants to help them grow.
Lupita Ruiz is currently studying at Valencia Campus. Her goal is to be a nurse. When Lupita first came to the Adult Education Center, her four children were young and needed her at home. Lupita found a way to balance her family needs with her educational desires and received her high school diploma in 2001. She immediately enrolled in college courses and is a successful student who also works at Lovelace Hospital. She is proud of how well her children are doing in school.
Barbara Poisson had an unusual situation when she started in GED courses here. She had already passed the GED test, but her transcripts had been lost. Fortunately, they were found and she did not have to retest, but she stayed in classes to refresh her skills so she could pursue a degree in computer science. Barbara left education for a while to be a housewife, though this was not the complete vision for her life. Through the turmoil of divorce and being burglarized, she finds education, and particularly Valencia Campus, as “an anchor from life’s adversities.” “Though education can get overwhelming, it is never discouraging.” Barbara will continue her education at UNM Main campus and receive a degree in nursing.
Larry Page studied in both the Adult Education Program and is currently enrolled in college credit courses at Valencia Campus. He is an art student who volunteered to paint a mural for the Child Care Center. Larry is determined to get the education he deserves.

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