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Tracy Owen  Advisement Coordinator: Tracy Owen
tracyb@unm.edu       phone: 925-8915
Jaime Mayfield Stem & Transfer Advisor: Jaime Mayfield 
jmayfield@unm.edu  phone: 925-8573
 Rochelle Yazzie Sr. Online Academic Advisor: Rochelle Yazzie
rkyazzie@unm.edu  phone: 925-8555
Val Garoza Sr. Academic Advisor:  Val Garoza    
vgaroza@unm.edu     phone: 925-8549
Joshua Owen Test Administrator: Joshua Owen
jowen2@unm.edu     phone: 925-8569
 Sarah Clawson  Career Services Manager: Sarah Clawson
sjclawson@unm.edu phone: 925-8840

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Still have questions? Call 925-8560 or E-Mail vcadvise@unm.edu

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