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Lobo Face  Getting Started!

Admissions and Registration – New students should go to the Advisement and Counseling Office. Here you can request the Admission’s Application, receive Financial Aid information, complete placement testing, receive advisement and register for classes.


 Follow These Steps

  • Complete Admission Application
  • Pay $15.00 application fee to Cashier’s and take receipt and application to the Admission’s counter.
  • Return to Advisement and Counseling to complete the following:
    • Complete data collection form and demographics survey.
    • Sign up for the Placement Exam
    • Sign up for the New Student Orientation/Group Advisement/Registration Workshop
    • Student ID card, E-mail
    • Campus Parking Permit (located in Security office)


 Placement Exams

All new students will take placement exams in Math, Writing and Reading, unless the student has SAT/ACT scores. The tests results will determine your course level for English and Math classes.


New Student Orientation/Advisement and Registration Workshop

Students will attend a workshop conducted by a SR Academic Advisor. In this workshop you will learn basic information about the college and services available for students (career services, counseling, library, tutors, computer labs, support programs, wellness center and day care). The advisor will explain academic requirements through the use of the college catalog. Students will learn how to schedule their classes using the current semester Schedule of Classes. Once classes are determined, students will learn to register on-line using LoboWeb (UNM online registration).


Still have questions ? Call 925-8560 or E-Mail vcadvise@unm.edu