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corrine sedilloCorrine G. Sedillo
Position 4, At-Large
Mrs. Sedillo is a retired court reporter for the District Court, a position she held for 30 years. She also served as a member of the Belen School Board for 18 years. Mrs. Sedillo is a lifelong resident of Valencia County. Her late husband Filo ‘Bobo’ Sedilo was a lifelong resident of the county. In their early maried life they both worked on Capitol Hil. Corrine worked for her late father-in-law, Judge Filo Sedilo, followed by her career as a court reporter. Her husband, a realtor, was past-chair of the Valencia County Democratic Party. Her family has a tradition of attending classes at UNM Main Campus and/or UNM-Valencia, including her grandson, Juan Antonio Sedillo who participated in a children’s program at UNM-Valencia.

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