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FEC | Conflict Resolution Committee

The Faculty Conflict Resolution Committee ( FCRC ) was created at a Faculty Assembly meeting during the 1999 spring semester. Accordingly, the FCRC shall be a standing committee of the UNM-Valencia Faculty Assembly; committee members will be "on call" should a dispute arise and will act in accordance with UNM-Valencia Faculty Grievance Procedures. The FCRC chair will be available to immediately respond to any faculty-involved dispute as soon as the dispute comes to the chair's attention. The FCRC committee structure and process may be the first step of a coordinated grievance procedure that also involves the established procedures published in the UNM-Valencia Faculty Procedural Handbook (latest issue). It is hoped that such an informal faculty conflict resolution team will be able to do its work quickly and effectively to resolve any faculty dispute before positions harden to a point where the more formal grievance procedures are requested.

I. Structure


II. Process

It should be emphasized that faculty members involved in any dispute always have the opportunity to take whatever steps they feel are appropriate to deal with the conflict. However, it is the sincere hope of the FCRC that the structure and process for faculty mediation, outlined above, will be able to resolve every dispute that comes to its attention. If either or both parties to a faculty dispute decide that the informal FCRC process has failed, the more formal Faculty (Academic Freedom) Grievance Procedure may be initiated.


Members 2013-2014: