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FEC | Professional Development Committee

The Faculty Professional Development Committee is a standing committee of the UNM-Valencia Campus Faculty Assembly and is charged with the responsibility of organizing, implementing and evaluating appropriate opportunities for professional development.

The membership of the Faculty Professional Development Committee shall consist of three (3) faculty, including one (1) part-time instructor.


Guidelines on Receiving a Stipend:

link to word docClick here for a .docx of the Stipend Request Form

link to stipend formClick here for a .pdf of the Stipend Request Form


Professional development, in general, is any activity which by design contributes directly to the expertise and/or knowledge used in one’s professional work. For this committee, “professional work” means Instruction (Teaching) at the college level.

Eligibility for Professional Development funds:

  •  Membership in organizations relevant to profession

  •  Attending or presenting at conferences, workshop/trainings, or colloquia relevant to profession

  •  For other activities, the applicant must clearly explain how the activity will directly enhance your performance in the work for which you are currently hired.

    While personal recreational activities—including hobbies, exercise, vacations, concerts, etc.— may contribute indirectly to one’s performance, they are not eligible for PD funding.


Members 2013-2014: