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WAC Week
Inviting Our Students
to Academic Literacies
November 7 - 11th

Monday, November 7 th

Kick off the week with a Workshop Series Featuring Susan McLeod (UC Santa Barbara, Professor Writing and Director of the Writing Program, Editor of WAC for the New Millenium). Click here for more information

Where: Student Union Ballroom C

Program Co-Chairs: Michelle Hall Kells (WAC Program Chair) and Caitlin Anderson (CASTL)

Friday, November 11 th

Symposium “Theoretical and Pragmatic Possibilities of Discourse Studies” Featuring Barbara Johnstone (Carnegie Mellon, Professor Rhetoric and Linguistics, Publications: Discourse Analysis; Qualitative Methods in Sociolinguistics; The Linguistic Individual). Click here for more information.

Where: Student Union Lobo A&B

When: 9:00 a.m.-4:30

Program Co-Chairs: Hector Torres (Department of English) and Michelle Hall Kells (WAC Program Chair)