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WAC Week Townhall Meetings Across the Curriculum
Department and Program Townhall Meeting Guidelines

All UNM Departments and Programs are invited to conduct local WAC Townhall Meetings to join this university-wide discussion about the literacy needs, expectations, and current outcomes of students in New Mexico higher education programs.

Townhall Meetings may be conducted during WAC Week or during regularly scheduled Department meetings. The following guided discussion questions are offered. These questions may be adapted and/or augmented to better reflect the interests and concerns of individual departments and programs.

The WAC Coordinating Committee will post Townhall Meeting Reports to the WAC web site as a way to extend discussion about literacy education at UNM.

  • How can we better know and serve the literacy needs of our diverse student population?
  • What are the writing experiences of undergraduates entering your discipline?
  • What are the writing expectations for undergraduate students in your discipline?
  • Which literacy skills should they acquire before graduation in your discipline?
  • How do students learn to write in your discipline? Whose responsibility is it to teach students to write in your discipline?
  • How do you define "good writing" in your discipline?
  • How can the University help faculty address the literacy needs of students in your discipline?

Townhall Meeting Reports may be sent as Word document electronic file to:
Leah Sneider, WAC Events Coordinator at: