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Michelle Hall Kells

Michelle Hall Kells is Associate Professor in the Rhetoric and Writing program. She has ten years teaching experience in Rhetoric and Composition. Her areas of specialization (civil rights rhetorics, sociolinguistics, and composition/literacy studies) coalesce around problems related to ethnolinguistic stratification and intercultural communication. Kells launched Attending to the Margins: Writing, Researching, and Teaching on the Front Lines (Heinemann, 1999) with Valerie Balester. A second, Latino/a Discourses: On Language, Identity, and Literacy (Heinemann, 2004) co-edited with Valerie Balester and Victor Villanueva focuses on teaching writing to diverse student populations. Her article "Linguistic Contact Zones: An Examination of Ethnolinguistic Identity and Language Attitudes" is featured in the January 2002 issue of Written Communication.Kells is author of Hector P. Garcia: Everyday Rhetoric and Mexican American Civil Rights (Southern Illinois University Press, 2006). Her current book project is Vicente Ximenes and LBJ's "Great Society": The Rhetoric of Mexican American Civil Rights Reform. Kells recently delivered a plenary address for CCCC 2010 Research Network Forum, "That's So WAC: Speaking Life as a Second Language" about the UNM Writing Across Communities initiative.

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