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Second Annual Earth Day Conference:

Constructing Space(s): Making our Home(s) in the 21st Century

Date: Aprill 22, 2011

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Living responsibly in the 21st century will require the input and collaboration of many thinkers and actors. Thus, it is imperative to have cross-disciplinary, cross-paradigm conversations about how to best meet the environmental, social, and political challenges of the present and future. By fostering this conversation, the Earth Day Conference helps to complicate and enrich the myriad ways in which we understand ourselves and our planet, and thus perhaps influence our actions upon it.
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Keynote Speaker:
Dr. M. Jimmie Killingsworth is Professor and Head of the English Department at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. He is the author of numerous books, including (though this list is not exhaustive), Whitman's Poetry of the Body: Sexuality, Politics, and the Text (1989), Ecospeak: Rhetoric and Environmental Politics in America (1992, co-authored with Jackie Palmer, his wife, a specialist in scientific and environmental communication and Senior Lecturer in English at A&M), Signs, Genres, and Communities in Technical Communication (1992, co-authored with Michael Gilbertson), Walt Whitman and the Earth: A Study in Ecopoetics (University of Iowa Press, 2004), Appeals in Modern Rhetoric: An Ordinary-Language Approach (Southern Illinois University Press, 2005), and The Cambridge Introduction to Walt Whitman (Cambridge University Press, 2007). Dr. Killingsworth also participates in local nature education programs and is a proud member of the Brazos Valley Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists.

Contact Information and Steering Committee:
Please contact Erin Penner, Earth Day Conference Chair, at epenner@unm.eduwith inquiries. Send all submissions to: earthdayconference@gmail.com

Special thanks to our Steering Committee Members and to GPSA for generous support of this event.
Chair: Erin Penner
Planning Committee Members: Elizabeth Caldwell, Dan Cryer, Leslie Fishburn-Clark, Paul Formisano, Dr. Gary Harrison, Brian Hendrickson, Sara B.Love, Michaelanne Nelson, Rick Raab-Faber
Faculty Advisor: Michelle Hall Kells

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