History & Legacy

Past WAC Alliance Details

If you are interested in a position on the Head Council,please email Leah at sneider@unm.edu. Anybody is eligible to be on the Head Council (faculty, staff, students,community members). Please see our constitution for more information.

The WAC Alliance is a forum for the conversation regarding writing, a think tank of and for the UNM learning community. We advocate active, engaged writing to learn processes across disciplines through innovative teaching in order to cultivate a culture of writing and inquiry. Our goal is to engage the campus in dialogue regarding writing to learn and writing to communicate while addressing accommodation of the changing needs of the student body to ensure academic as well as professional success at all levels.

The three main components of Writing Across Communities include civic, academic, and professional communities. The WAC Alliance seeks to bridge these communities and maintain communication between the various entities on and off campus while cultivating discussion and pedagogical support for diverse literacy practices across UNM discourse communities.

Head Council Members Fall 2007:

Katie Denton, Lindsey Ives, Tom Pierce, Sarah Sayles, Greg Evans

WAC Alliance Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Penny Pence, LLSS.

Committees Include:
  • WAC Journal/Web site
  • WAC Week
  • Research and Scholarly Opportunities
  • Professional Development and Pedagogy (101/102, special interest, conferences, ESL, teaching with new technology, etc.)
  • Liasons with WAC partners, sponsors, and academic departments (UC/UCRS, CAPS, Student Services, etc.)
  • Liasons with students and community (Student Organizations, professionals on and off campus, etc.)

Please contact WACALLIANCE-L@LIST.UNM.EDU to be added to the WAC Alliance listserv.