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By sharing your ideas and writing experiences, we can help better prepare you for your future academic and and professional careers.

When: Tuesday, October 24th SUB Ballroom C,
Wednesday October 25th SUB Ballroom A
Time: 1:00 - 5:00
FREE! includes snacks, refreshments, and entertainment as well as educational value.
Helpful and Fun!
YOU! Any UNM undergraduate student, freshman through senior
Bring a paper, project, or proposal you're working on; Join a discussion table; Make recommendations for writing courses; Share your ideas and experiences; Find out about helpful student events and services; Meet new people!

Discussion groups will be held every half hour for you to share your thoughts, your experiences, your expectations, your background, and your goals.

There will also be writing workshops where you can bring any writing that you are currently working on for feedback from our helpful writing consultants.

If you can’t stay for a half hour, don’t worry! There will be questionnaires available for you to fill out at your convenience so you too can offer your valuable feedback.

If that weren’t enough, you can also wander around and explore all the writing and related services offered here on campus that you had no idea even existed (or if you did, you had no idea where to find them).

To make this an even sweeter deal, we’ve included snacks, refreshments, and entertainment. ALL FOR FREE!!! So, bring your opinions, your essays, your best friend, and your appetite to WOW! and all of your wildest dreams will come true! (Thanks, Napoleon and Pedro!)

Here are some of the sample group discussion questions to get you thinking:

  1. What kind of writing did you do before coming to UNM? What kind of writing do you do now?
  2. What kinds of writing will you do after you graduate?
  3. Why are you here at UNM? (Describe your major, areas of interest, groups, primary language, etc.)
  4. Which languages do you speak? Which is your first language? Which language do you speak at home? With your friends?
  5. Where are you going? (Describe your goals professionally and where those aspirations might take you.)
  6. How can writing help you be what you want to be and get you where you want to go? How can ENGL 101 help you?



Undergraduate Events
2:00-Undergraduate Session 1
  Roundtable Discussion & Writing Workshop
2:15- Undergraduate Session 2
  Roundtable Discussion & Writing Workshop
2:30-Undergraduate Session 3
  Roundtable Discussion & Writing Worshop
2:45- Undergraduate Session 4
  Roundtable Discussion & Writing Workshop
3:00-Undergraduate Session 5
  Roundtable Discussion & Writing Workshop
3:30-5:30 Entertainment

Graduate Events
5:00-5:30-Refreshments & Welcome
5:30-6:00-Opening Remarks: Carson Bennett, Scott Rogers (EGSA Co-Presidents) & Leah Sneider (WAC Events Coordinator)
6:00-7:00-WAC Roundtable Discussions
7:00-7:30-Roundtable Reports & Closing Remarks



UNM CAPS - Center for Academic Program Support

UNM CASTL - Center for the Advancement of Scholarship in Teaching and Learning

UNM Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium

Purdue University Writing Center