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The resources listed here provide guidance for student writers at all levels--undergraduate students writing their first college papers or wanting assistance with lab reports as well as graduate students writing an MA thesis or dissertation.

Becoming a good writer in any field (engineering, philosophy, journalism, etc.) requires learning and incorporating into one's writing the expectations of that field. These resources support student writers in the understanding of and the meeting of those expectations.

  • The Writing and Language Center at the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS)
  • The Writing and Language Center at CAPS provides writing and language support for students at UNM. Services include individual appointments, drop-in writing labs across campus, writing and language workshops throughout a semester, Supplemental Instruction for selected writing-intensive courses, and online services. The goal of the Writing and Language Center is to help students to master tools and techniques that will assist them at the university and beyond

  • Graduate Resource Center
  • The Graduate Resource Center, a collaboration between the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) and the Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS), provides writing, research, and statistics support for UNM graduate and professional students. Trained graduate consultants-advanced graduate students themselves-help students to clarify ideas, move projects to the next stage, map out research plans, and to develop a better understanding of the expectations for a given genre of writing.

  • College of Education Graduate Student Writing Studio
  • The College of Education Graduate Student Writing Studio offers support for graduate writing projects of all types from dissertations to class papers, from first brainstorming to final manuscript preparation. Although one-on-one tutoring is available only to College of Education grad students, the Writing Studio offers workshops and presentations on general writing topics-lit reviews, thesis statements, EndNote, etc.--which are open to students from all departments and colleges.