Water Resources Program Publications

Case Studies of Sustainable Water Resources Development, Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico
(Contents and Preface in Acrobat Format) (Pub. No. WRP-1, September 1999) Paper copy: $13.50

Policy Conflicts and Sustainable Water Resources Development in New Mexico's Rio Grande Basin
(Contents and Preface in Acrobat Format) (Pub. No. WRP-2, February 2000) Paper copy: $13.50

The East Mountain Area Septic System User's Guide to the Bernalillo County Wastewater Ordinance: Ensuring Groundwater Sustainability
(Acrobat Format) (Pub. No. WRP-3, February 2001) Paper copy: $6.00

The Economic Value of Water: Results of a Workshop in Caracas, Venezuela, November 2000
(Acrobat Format) (Pub. No. WRP-4, August 2001) Paper copy: $6.00

O Valor Econômico da Água: Resultados de um Encontro em Caracas, Venezuela, Novembro de 2000
(Acrobat PDF) (Publicação No. WRP- 4, Agosto de 2001) Fotócopia: $8,00 dólares.

El Valor Economico del Agua: Resultados de un Taller Celebrado en Caracas,Venezuela, Noviembre de 2000 (Acrobat PDF) (Publicación No. WRP- 4, Agosto de 2001) Copia de papel: $7,00 dólares.

Sustainable Water Development for the Village of Miramar, Honduras
(Acrobat Format) (Publication No. WRP-5, January 2002) Paper copy: $20.00

Taking Out the Jacks: Issues of Jetty Jack Removal in Bosque and River Restoration Planning
(Acrobat Format) (Pub. No. WRP-6, July 2002) Paper Copy: $20.00

Modeling Sustainable Development in a Rural Village, Nueva Vida, Honduras
(Publication No. WRP-7, June 2003) Paper Copy: $30.00

Water Quality and Public Health Monitoring of Surface Waters in the Kura-Araks River Basin of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia
(Acrobat Format) (Publication No. WRP-8, July 2003) Paper Copy: $30.00

Pharmaceutically Active Compounds in Residential and Hospital Effluent, Municipal Wastewater, and the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Acrobat Format) (Publication No. WRP-9, January 2004) Paper Copy: $30.00

Cost of Compliance with a Lower Arsenic Drinking Water Standard in New Mexico
(Acrobat Documents: Full Text, Appendices A-B-C, Appendix D) (Publication No. WRP-10, April 2004). Paper Copy: $30.00

Environmental Disturbance of Oligotrophic Bacteria and Effects on Water Quality in Deep Karstic Pools
(Acrobat Format) (Publication No. WRP-11, April 2004). Paper Copy: $30.00

Integrating a GIS-produced, Reach-based Hydrologic Analysis into a Dynamic Surface Water Model of the Middle Rio Grande, New Mexico, by Ann Demint
(Acrobat Format) (Appendices - ZIP format) (Publication No. WRP-12, December 2005).

The History of the Federal Government's Involvement in Water Resources: An Attempt to Correct Externalities?, by Alyssa M. Neir
(Acrobat Format) (Publication No. WRP-13, December 2005).

Potential Options to Reduce ESA Liability for Private New Mexico Irrigators Who May Be Liable for a Section 9 'Take', by Geoffrey T. Klise (Acrobat Format) (Publication No. WRP-14, January 2006).

Dynamic Simulation Modeling of Groundwater Basins in the Upper Rio Grande Basin, Colorado-New Mexico, by Jules C. Parrish
(Acrobat Format) (Publication No. WRP-15, April 2006).

Dynamics of Transboundary Ground Water Management: Lessons from North America, by Michael E. Campana, Alyssa M. Neir, and Geoffrey T. Klise
(Acrobat Format) (Publication No. WRP-16, May 2006)

Water Resources Assessment in the Greater Rio Casas Grandes Watershed, by Bruce Thomson and Bill Fleming (Acrobat Format) (DSpace) (Publication No. WRP-17, July 2007)

Water Resources Assessment of the Sapello River, by Bruce Thomson and Abdul-Mehdi Ali (June 2008)

Water Resources Assessment of the Mora River, by Bruce Thomson and Abdul-Mehdi Ali (June 2009) (Acrobat Format)

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