Linda Hogan

Like Joy Harjo, Chickasaw writer Linda Hogan weaves together the beautiful and the terrible. Her poetry and fiction grapple with the reality of mixed blood so common in the cultural polyglot of the Southwest, and with the tragic history of Native Americans and the loss of their lands.

The landscape, animal spirits, bat medicine, and traditional tribal cultures compete in hogans writing with the technological onslaught of the twentieth century. Her bittersweet realizations about her mixed heritage echo in the works of Hispanic writers such as Alberto Rios and Denise Chavez. Starting in the 1990s, Hogan turned her attention to fiction, publishing such volumes as Solar Storms, Mean Spirit, and Power. Recipient of an American Book Award and a Guggenheim Fellowship, Hogan has for many years taught at the University of Colorado.

Listen to the half-hour documentary on Linda Hogan by David Dunaway below: