Closure Practices

In the interest of providing full transparency to the University community and the public, the following describes the University’s current practices and procedures regarding closures.

UNM has been operating continuously since 1889. There are no plans to close any sites, campuses, colleges, or branches. This stability is a benefit to students that is assured by UNM’s status as a flagship university and chartering of central and branch campuses within State of New Mexico constitution.


Although discontinuing a degree program is uncommon, UNM does have processes defined for sunsetting programs that no longer meet student and university needs. In the rare instances in which a degree program is sunsetted, students majoring in the degree program are always served through a teach out plan that is detailed at the time of formal proposal of degree program sunsetting. Sunsetting of a degree program must be approved through all levels of the UNM curricular review process, culminating in review by the UNM Board of Regents. The New Mexico Higher Education Department is notified once the Board of Regents approves. Students are notified of teach out plans after all levels of administration and government have agreed upon the plans for program sunsetting. This is a lengthy process, and students receive ample notification of any proposed changes.


UNM’s mission is to serve the state of New Mexico, and its campuses serve as cornerstones in the communities where they operate. There has been no discussion or contemplation at any point of discontinuation or closure of any UNM campus.

The Albuquerque campus, including the Health and Health Sciences Center, and the branch campuses at UNM-Gallup, UNM-Los Alamos, UNM-Valencia, and UNM-Taos are independently chartered in the State of New Mexico Constitution and share an accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), as well as multiple accreditations for individual professional programs. UNM has received continuous HLC accreditation since 1922. This accreditation was most recently re-affirmed in 2022. Affirmation of accreditation encompasses review of the financial viability of the institution, including bond ratings and multi-year financial planning and forecasting.

UNM is the Flagship institution for the State of New Mexico, and it is hard to imagine a circumstance in which UNM would close one or more of its campuses. However, in the extremely unlikely event of discontinuation of a UNM campus, UNM would ensure that the needs of enrolled students were met through course offerings at the other campuses and/or placement at partner institutions. Students’ educational records are considered permanent records and are retained indefinitely.