ServoCAT Utility (SCU.exe) Help File, November 2016

SCU is a ServoCAT Utility program that can report ServoCAT firmware versions (for firmware v61B or newer). It can also report settings that are loaded in your ServoCAT. SCU is a command line utility that can be run interactively or from a simple batch file that you can use in scripts or scheduled jobs.

You must disconnect the ASCOM driver from your ServoCAT before running SCU, and you must quit SCU before running the ASCOM ServoCAT driver. This is required because only one application can use your ServoCAT USB/Serial Port at any given time. SCU is not an ASCOM-aware application, so it can not be used with an ASCOM hub like POTH. SCU offers the following capabilities:

The PDF doc file for SCU is here: SCU_ReadMe.pdf

SCU.exe may be downloaded here: SCU.exe

Peter Eschman,