Mission Statement

To promote a knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the many cultures and of the natural environment of the greater Southwest (defined as the American Southwest and Northern Mexico) in order to foster an appreciation of the value of diversity and of the need to take responsibility for the world we pass on to future generations.

Goals of the Southwest Institute


  1. To provide a holistic, interdisciplinary forum which promotes an understanding of the connection between all people and between people and their environment.

  2. To reach as many teachers (elementary, secondary, and post-secondary) as possible, for they guide the youth who will lead in the future.

  3. To reach as many students (high school and beyond) as possible, they are the future.

  4. To reach as many returning students (older, retired, and retooling) as possible as they often have the experience, wisdom, time, and resources to promote change.

  5. To reach as many in other sectors (health providers, business people, public servants) as possible, as they may use this information and understanding in their employment.

  6. To include as students or participants and in faculty or invited speakers, as many different ethnic or cultural backgrounds (especially from the Southwest) as possible, to enhance cross-cultural understanding.
San Juan Mountains, 1992  "Ancient Ones of the Four Corners"

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La Garita Pictographs, 1990 "Head of the Rio Grande"