EKG Page
Dr. Kravitz's EKG Interpretation Checklist

1. Rhythm Check
Is it regular?
Is it irregular?
Are there any patterns to the irregularity?

2. Rate
What is the exact rate?
(Is the atrial rate the same as the ventricular rate? With move advanced arrhythmias we check the atrial heart rate as well as the ventriclar heart rate.)

3. P Waves
Are P waves regular, upright and slightly rounded? Do they all look similar?
Is there one P wave for every QRS
Is the P wave in front of the QRS or behind it?
Are there more P waves than QRS complexes?
Normal height of a P wave is 2.5 mm.
The largest P wave is in Lead II.
P wave is generally inverted in AVR.

4. PR Interval
Is the PR interval measurement normal?
Are the PR intervals constant?
If the PR interval varies, is there a pattern to the changing measurements?

5. QRS Complex
Is the QRS complex measurement normal?
Do the QRS complexes look similar (of equal duration)?

With practice you can master EKG interpretation!
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